Wednesday, 2 April 2014

KEEW playlist: March 26, 2014

Another Kill Eat the Weak playlist for those of you interested in what we played last Wednesday night. For this week's global metal^ we travelled to Puerto Rico. And our simulated meat* feature of the week took a look at 1980s pop/new wave bands who have been covered by metal artists. We're pleased to be able to highlight more local% (Hamilton-area) bands on the show as well!

PanteraFar Beyond DrivenSlaughtered
DeathpointSinisterFor Your Eyes Only%
Unsacred Seed FrontiersTemporal Distortions
GwarAmerica Must Be DestroyedThe Road Behind
Dread SovereignAll Hell's MartyrsThirteen Clergy
ThouHeathenIn Defiance of the Sages
DantescoWe Don't Fear Your GodWe Don't Fear Your God^
The OceanPelagialMesopelagic_ Into the Uncanny
The Atlas MothAn Ache For The DistanceCoffin Varnish
ErimhaReign Through ImmortalityReigned Through Immortality
Psygorefree Soundcloud download from Onslaught AudioIscariot Scorned
Gary NumanThe Pleasure PrincipleCars*
Depeche ModeThe Singles 86>98Enjoy the Silence*
FalcoFalco 3Rock Me Amadeus*
BiblicalMonsoon SeasonThe Quiet Crooks
Beg for MercyWacken Metal Battle Canada compilation Vol 2Dying Hours
TsargradWacken Metal Battle Canada compilation Vol 2Thor's Angels
Shattered RemainsWacken Metal Battle Canada compilation Vol 2Unbreakable%
GorgutsColored SandsEnemies of Compassion

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