Saturday 8 April 2017

Kill Eat Exploit the Weak update - new webpage at!

The folks at CFMU 93.3 FM launched a brand new awesome website on March 24. Among the many impressive features of this new site is a dedicated page for Kill Eat Exploit the Weak (and every other show on the station).

The new page - - will make it easier for you listeners to tune in to our show at your convenience. Click the above link and you'll find an archive of the eight most recent episodes, which you can download or stream right in your browser.

Click on the link for each episode and you'll find our brief show notes as well as the full episode playlist, with links to how you can find out more about each band and listen to or purchase their music.

One of the best things about the new CFMU website is that it works on mobile devices - something the old site just couldn't do.

Another new feature is the Twitter chat option - tag any post #CFMU_KEEW and it will show up on our page and make it easier for us to respond. There's a button right on the page if you feel like commenting on something you're reading or hearing.

With all this going on over at this blog site, which primarily posts playlists these days, is now redundant. This site will remain online, and may get new content occasionally, but if you want to know what's going on with Kill Eat Exploit the Weak, listen to the show, or check out our playlists, please visit us at

Peace, love and carrots, baby!

Thursday 16 March 2017

KEEW playlists - February to March, 2017

Soon you'll be able to check out our playlists every week at For now, here are is the latest update on what we've been playing.

Feb 8/9, 2017

HavokUnnatural SelectionGive me Liberty... Or Give Me Death
ExmortusRide ForthDeath to Tyrants
The Great SabatiniGreat Sabatini-Godstopper SplitThe Ear Collector
ProfanerWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 4Prophetic Nightmare
DemontageThe Principal ExtinctionEntourage of Demon Dances
Black AbsintheEarly Signs of DenialWinter
SludgehammerThe Fallen SunCarnivorous Forest
ValfreyaPromised LandThe Choice
TrigonsingleThe Night is Young
Bombed UpAccuracy By VolumeBlaze of Glory
District AveEpochFrom the War
Clear SkiesEPInborn
Dark AngelDarkness DescendsHunger of the Undead
Gamma RaySigh No MoreDream Healer
Black SabbathBlack SabbathBlack Sabbath
KreatorGods of ViolenceSide by Side
Gone is GoneEcholocationGift
MastodonSultan's Curse
Palace of WormsPalace of Worms/Ecferus SplitWendigo Sickness

February 15/16

ChainbreakerEnslave Your MastersEnslave Your Masters
ManacleManacleFight for your Life
Pain of SalvationIn the Passing Light of DayTongue of God
Strapping Young LadAlienLove
NevermoreDead Heart in a Dead WorldLove Bites
ObliveonCarnivore MothermouthLove Die Resurrect
AnacrusisManic ImpressionsI Love the World
PanteraVulgar Display of PowerThis Love
Hammerhands1995To Bring You My Love
KissDynastyI Was Made for Loving You
Judas PriestTurboTurbo Lover
Moonlight DesiresFrankie Goes to HamiltonI Wanna Know What Love Is
Brian VollmerMetal on IceHeavy Metal Love
SteelHeavy Metal MachineSay Goodbye (To Love)
Devin Townsend ProjectZ2Universal Flame
Orphaned LandAll Is OneAll Is One
The Gentle StormThe DiaryThe Greatest Love
Kobra and the LotusKobra and the LotusLover of the Beloved
TiamatJudas ChristVote for Love
Devin Townsend ProjectEpicloudGrace
Woods of YpresWoods 4: The Green AlbumShards of Love
Type O Negative October RustLove You to Death

February 23/24, 2017

LordiScare Force OneNailed By The Hammer of Frankenstein
WitheredGrief RelicLeathery Rind
Immortal BirdEmpress​/​AbscessAnd Send Fire
Vile CreatureA Steady Descent into the SoilA Steady Descent into the Soil
Sonata ArcticaOrientationDie With Your Boots On
StrikerStrikerShadows in the Light
VoltangBad SoundsElectric Boogaloo
Sumo CycoOpus MarMove Mountains
Adrian Pain & The Dead SexyMixed Messages EPIn Time
Ex DeoThe Immortal WarsThe Roman (radio edit)
King WomanCreated in the Image of SufferingUtopia
BathshebaServusDemon 13
Double ExperienceUnsaved ProgressGodzilla
Radio Free UniverseCase Del DiabloDisclosure
OzzyThe Ultimate SinShot in the Dark
OverkillThe Grinding WheelCome Heavy
MegadethRust in PeaceTornado of Souls
Burn the PriestBurn the PriestGoatfish
Iron MagazineQueen of HellQueen of Hell
RaptureFutileTo Forget
SoulstormDevils Music (Part 1)Stranglehold (Erosion Cycle Noise Mix - Bonus Track)

March 1/2, 2017

GrindmotherAge of DestructionMother Nature
The MisfitsFamous MonstersSaturday Night
Zimmers HoleLegion of FlamesGender of the Beast
AnvilAnvil is AnvilRun Like Hell
Ominous EclipseSinisterThe Horde
Nuclear OathToxic PlaygroundRazor Blade Regrets
AeternamRuins of EmpiresColossus
DantescoThe Metal Islands CompilationPor Mi Tierra
TendenciaThe Metal Islands CompilationAsesino
Abaddon RDThe Metal Islands CompilationHungry for the Kill
OkularyThe Metal Islands CompilationThe Sound of Music
SwitchThe Metal Islands CompilationViolando la Conciencia
MerodacThe Metal Islands CompilationAshes of the Weakness
DoomlordThe Metal Islands CompilationParanoia
Altus MortemThe Metal Islands CompilationSwords Call Our Names
OmnifariamThe Metal Islands CompilationInto Oblivion
SynesthesiaThe Metal Islands CompilationDespierta
Kingdom of MisfitsThe Metal Islands CompilationRagnarok
MithrilThe Metal Islands CompilationJudas Iscariote
GrindmotherAge of DestructionLike a River Flows

March 8/9, 2017 - "Raise Your Voice" Pledge Drive Episode

SIANsphericThere's Always Someplace You'd Rather BeStatic
Radio Free UniverseCase Del DiabloDMT
Iron ReaganCrossover MinistryBleed The Fifth
Power TripNightmare LogicWaiting Around To Die
9 Lives and CountingBeautiful DistractionOut of My Head
Crimson BreedCrimson Breed EPSolid
Black SabbathHeaven and HellHeaven and Hell
Twisted SisterStay HungryBurn in Hell
Alice CooperLove It To DeathBallad of Dwight Frye
Astral WitchsingleBlack Denim
The White SwanAnubisIlluminate
The ObsessedSacredSacred
WitchstoneMortal Fear of Infinitychronoshift
The Good DepressionsingleCrooked Teeth
All Else FailsThe Forever Lie EPThe Sons of Plenty
VoltangBad SoundsElectric Boogaloo
Absinthe from SocietyThe Angels Ignored UsHellbent
TORREFY Infinity ComplexInfinity Complex
VargaEnter the MetalBeginning of the End
CancelledTenebrificSocial Impressment
KatatoniaBrave Yester DaysThe Northern Silence
OpethMy Arms, Your HearseWhen

March 15/16, 2017

Men to WolvesOn This DayThe Show
Pale MareBandcamp singleDescolada
AmorphisAn Event with Friends at HuvilaHer Alone
Swallow the SunSongs From The NorthWith You Came The Whole Of The World's Tears
VesperiaThe Iron Tempests EPIron Saga
The World That Summer10" Split with Nionde Pl├ąganHeat Death Parties are the Bomb, Man
Black AbsintheEarly Signs of DenialWinter
ShadowakeShadowake EPReflection
WoeHope AttritionUnending Call of Woe
LonghouseII: VanishingNo Name No Marker
ScythiaLineageLaugh of the Tsar
Forsaken RiteFor the Honour of our FathersUnsung Heroes
RemnantsdemoIron Coffin
David Maxim MicicWho Bit the MoonWho Bit the Moon
Behind the SunPost Solis EPPeriapsis
AlunahSolennialA Forest

Thursday 2 February 2017

KEEW playlist: February 1, 2017 – power metal(?)

In the spirit of keeping the listeners (or perhaps mostly ourselves?) entertained, Adam and Laura have decided to put together some genre-focused Kill Eat Exploit the Weak episodes in 2017. For some reason, the metal genre we decided to start with is POWER METAL.

If you listened to the show this week, you'll know we present this power metal feature with a strong disclaimer: this is not a list of "essential" or the "best" or "most influential" power metal songs/albums/bands - or any other supposedly objective ranking of power metal recordings. It's just our favourite power metal(ish) songs - or at least our favourites that we could remember and had on hand when we put the show together, alongside some picks meant to highlight some of the contemporary power metal coming out of Canada.

That said, we challenge you not to play air drums or guitar, raise a fist in the air, and belt out these choruses as you celebrate the awesomeness and ridiculousness that makes power metal what it is.

Feb 1/2, 2017

Blind GuardianNightfall in Middle-EarthThe Curse of Feanor
SavatageHall of the Mountain KingHall of the Mountain King
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys, Part IIEagle Fly Free
MasterplanMasterplanSail On
BorealisWorld of SilenceWorld of Silence
Sonata ArcticaSilenceWolf & Raven
Wuthering HeightsFar From The Maddening CrowdThe Road Goes Ever On
MerkabahUbiquityDivine Sparks
KamelotThe Black HaloMarch of Mephisto
Iced EarthHorror ShowDracula
Crimson ShadowsSails of DestinyFreedom and Salvation
Unleash the ArchersTime Stands StillTonight We Ride
Eclipse ProphecyDays of JudgementThrough the Storm
ManowarFighting the WorldBlack Wind, Fire and Steel
HammerfallCrimson ThunderHearts on Fire
GloryhammerSpace 1992: Rise Of The Chaos WizardsQuestlords Of Inverness, Ride To The Galactic Fortress!
Jag PanzerThe Fourth JudgmentFuture Shock
Dream EvilDragonslayerThe Chosen Ones
AvantasiaLost In Space Part ILost In Space
EdguyAge of the JokerTwo Out of Seven