Thursday, 22 September 2016

KEEW playlists cont'd, wrapping up Aug 2016

KEEW kept up its regular schedule throughout the rest of August: more new releases, more songs by bands performing live in the area and, in general, more heavy metal.

August 17/18

SkeletonwitchThe Apothic Gloom EPRed Death, White light
UnburntsingleHarnessing Black Flame
The ApexUnderbelly EPScabs and Sheep
HIVEEmergenceVolitation (They Hover Above In Endless Droves)
Howling GiantBlack Hole Space Wizard Part 1Mothership
Blues PillsLady in GoldLady in Gold
Spirit AdriftChained To OblivionForm and Force
PallbearerFear and Fury (EP)Fear and Fury
Moon Sunn Moonthe hollow cast of my heartVoice from the Trees
HaymakerTaxed​.​.​.​Tracked​.​.​.​Inoculated​.​.​.​EnslavedExpect the Worst
Faith No MoreWe Care A LotAs The Worm Turns (2016 Mix)
The Great Sabatini / Godstopper SPLIT: The Great Sabatini / GodstopperIt's Alright (Godstopper)
PainComing HomeCall Me
Chariots of the GodsAges UnsungInto Oblivion' ft. Pascal Jobin of The Agonist
Your Favorite EnemiesBIAM Tokyo SessionsA View from Within
MaléficeThursmeginLa Flamme Noire De Loki
MedevilConductor of StormsNightwalk
The Doomeddemohellodarwinmynameisfate

August 24/25

Castle Welcome to the GraveyardDown in the Cauldron Bog
Hawkeyes (Kitchener)Brothers of the Nod (split with Shooting Guns)Hotter Than Ten Hundred Suns
Foghound (Baltimore)The World UnseenSerpentine
Mars Red Sky (France)Apex III (Praise for the Burning Soul)Mindreader
Low Orbit (Toronto)Low OrbitInternational Bass Station
Ol' Time Moonshine (Toronto)The Demon Haunted WorldThis Black Hole is a Demon Rift
Hammerhands1995To Bring You My Love
John XIIDepraved IndifferenceJewel in the Locust
MedellinUntil Death It is All LifeUntil Death It is All Life
AbyssHeretical AnatomyThe Atonement
AdversarialDeath, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of NihilismDissenting the Waking Shell
SubRosaFor this We Fought the Battle of AgesKilling Rapture
Light of the Morning StarCemetary GlowAn Empty Hearse
ShataanWeigh of the Wolf LP Eulogy
The Great Sabatini SPLIT: The Great Sabatini / GodstopperI'm Not the Man of the Hour
The Pineapple ThiefYour WildernessTear You Up
SoilworkDeath ResonanceHelsinki
Running WildRapid ForayBlood Moon Rising
RotörMusta käsiSilmä
BloodRedThroneUnion of Flesh and MachineUnion of Flesh and Machine
IfrinnIfrinn 12" MLPOracular Phantasms

August 31/ September 1

Act of SinCasting The Second StoneFull Moon Rising/Werewolf
Blood CeremonyLord of MisruleLord of Misrule
GreberKiln Hardened PsalmsThese Roads
Astral WitchBlack Denim
SludgehammerThe Fallen SunCarnivorous Forest
Crux of AuxMonaBody of Shale
TribulationThe Children of the NightIn the Dreams of the Dead
CauldronIn RuinSanta Mira
OLDEShallow GravesEndless
The Wounded KingsVisions of BoneBleeding Sky
La ChingaFreewheelinWhite Witchy Black Magic
InquisitionBloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Beyond The Celestial ZenithThrough the Divine Spirit of Satan a Glorious Universe is Known
Destroying the DevoidParamnesiaThe Endless Cycles of Lunacy
Sonata ArcticaThe Ninth HourCloser to an Animal
Imminent Sonic DestructionTriumphiaSleepless
Heavy GlowThe Filth & the Fury/Pearls & Swine And Everything FineBourgeois Baby
FalaiseAs Time Goes ByEternal Sleep
SlomaticsFuture Echo ReturnsIn The Grip Of Fausto
MorrowCovenant of TeethForgiving Grin
KeychainsinglePrime Time

Thursday, 25 August 2016

KEEW playlist for Aug 10, 2016 - the Doomed to Death Grimposium edition

During the first week in August, I attended a series of events in Montreal presented by Grimposium under the Doomed to Death banner. I posted my initial thoughts over on Hellbound while I was still in Montreal ( and I still have more to write. But on this episode of Kill Eat Exploit the Weak we celebrated the bands who participated in the fest and chatted about the events.

August 10/11, 2016

KEEW's Grimposium Doomed to Death feature:

VastumCarnal LawUmbra Interna
TrepanationMeticulous Evisceration demoMeticulous Evisceration
Phrenelithdemo #1 2015Eradicated
Obsolete MankindFalse AwakeningSide Effects of an Obsolete System
Necrotic MutationNecrotic Mutation EPThe Necrotic Mutation
Misery IndexDiscordiaDystopian Nightmares
DeathHumanLack of Comprehension
Control DeniedThe Fragile Art of ExistenceBreaking the Broken
RepulsionHorrifiedSplattered Cadavers
Cardinal WyrmBandcamp singleEnter the Eternal Fire
Cold Ways

We also played:

PlaguewormA Cowards FraudNorah
Old WitchOld Witch/Keeper splitBroken Soil on an Early Grave
DBCInto the Blizzard compilationThird Coming
Black AbsintheEarly Signs of DenialIs This Life
CounterpartsNew Damage 2016 Summer SamplerBurn
SevendustKill the FlawKill the Flaw
The Dillinger Escape PlanOne of Us is the KillerNothing's Funny
TMHM (The Man and His Machine)Stage NamesHodgepodge

Thursday, 18 August 2016

KEEW playlist for Aug 3/4, 2016

While I was off in Montreal, Adam hosted another solo edition of Kill Eat Exploit the Weak. Here's what he played:

August 3, 2016

*Dead MessengerOwl in DaylightSmall Devices
AnciientsVoice of the VoidFollowing the Voice
GhoulDungeon BastardsGhoulunatics
The ForeshadowingSeven Heads Ten HornsTwo Horizons
Eclipse EternalHeart of Gold: A Tribute to Woods of YpresCrossing the 45th Parallel
CarnifexSlow DeathDrown My In Blood
ProfanerSigns of NineSymbol of Supremacy
JinjerKing of EverythingI Speak Astronomy
NervosaAgonyIntolerance Means War
DawnbringerNight of the HammerThe Burning of Home
Green CarnationLight of Day, Day of DarknessLight of Day, Day of Darkness

* Thanks to the Dead Messenger folks for hosting me in Montreal!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

July 2016 playlists from KEEW (the rest)

July 13/14

Def LeppardOn Through the NightAnswer to the Master
AshbringerVacantWith Vacant Eyes
Vow of ThornsFarewell to the SunMeeting On The Astral Plane
VoltangHermaphroditeKing Fisher
InAeonaForce Rise the SunGhosts
IDNSpromo for 7" (Bandcamp single)Coldest Steel
AxeslashersingleIn the Woods There Is No Law
Tides of SulfurExtinction CurseWoe to You O Destroyer
CENTINEXDoomsday RitualsDismemberment Supreme
Beyond CreationEarthborn EvolutionElusive Psychological Reverence
Unleash the ArchersTime Stands StillFrozen Steel
TRICK OR TREATRabbits' Hill Pt. 2Cloudrider
The Radiation FlowerssingleDancing (Burnout)
Boys Night OutBlack Dogs EPCarried Away
Anderson/StoltInvention Of KnowledgeInvention of Knowledge III - Knowledge
CIRCAValley Of The WindmillEmpire Over
NoireThe Tracks of the HuntedThe Tracks of the Hunted
FamilyFuture HistoryFloodgates

July 20/21

SpellcasterNight Hides the WorldNight Hides the World
WitherscapeThe Northern SanctuaryWake of Infinity
Asphalt GravesThe New PrimitiveWho Do You Serve?
RingwormSnake ChurchFear the Silence
Hammers of MisfortuneDead RevolutionThe Velvet Inquisition
The Night WatchBoundariesBoundaries
Nathanael LarochetteEarth And SkyFarewell
Moths & LocustsHelios RisingBeach Party Shakedown
Ape War P00 GolemFishmonger
Suicidal TendenciesJoin the ArmyA Little Each Day
DemontageThe Principal ExtinctionEntourage of Demons Dances
Beyond CreationEarthborn EvolutionEarthborn Evolution
Astral WitchBlack Denim (single)Black Denim
Despised IconBeastBad Vibes
DESPITESynergiTime Lapse
AdolyneOf Ash - Of Shit - Of ShameDeserts in my Blood
Harakiri for the SkyIII: TraumaThe Traces We Leave
Forty WintersRotting EmpireProfit Hostage
RevocationGreat Is Our SinArbiters of the Apocalypse
LORD OF WARSufferEmbryo

July 27/28

– show pre-empted due to studio upgrades