Metal for Vegans - about

Commercial-free and cruelty-free metal radio hosted by Laura Wiebe and various sidekicks. You don’t have to be vegan to listen.


Way back in 1995, a couple of broadcasting students from Conestoga College began invading and corrupting the local radio airwaves from the studios of CKMS 100.3 FM on the north campus of the University of Waterloo. Soon one of them traded in her commercial media prospects to become a campus/community radio junkie instead. Within a few years that metal-loving deejay had gone solo, and Kill Eat Exploit the Weak coagulated into a semi-coherent program on alternate Saturday nights.  

Kill Eat Exploit the Weak originally aired on CKMS until 2007. Every other Saturday night KEEW delivered three hours of dark and heavy music interspersed with rants about the environment, animal rights, vegetarianism and other social issues.

The talk was frequently concerned about the issues it addressed, sometimes irate, occasionally non-sensical, the host(s) caring deeply about the well-being of other life forms on this planet and the (precarious) state of our environment. So the socially-conscious side of KEEW ranged from nature trivia and conservation tips to news bits related to environmental, wildlife and animal rights issues, or even impromptu editorials on something that’s really got their goat (KEEW has a soft spot for goats, cats and polar bears, in particular).

If “kill, eat, exploit the weak” sets off some other bells that might be because the show’s name comes from Pitchshifter’s “Virus.” Take the name as a commentary on what we (as a species) are doing, and have long been doing, wrong. And while you’re at it check out a great – and, sadly, defunct (but briefly reunited?) – socially-conscious band.
When Laura left Kitchener-Waterloo in 2007, Kill Eat Exploit the Weak in its radio form was put to rest. Several months later, CKMS lost its student funding and had to struggle to survive. The station as we knew it no longer exists but persists(!) at 100.3 Sound FM.

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KEEW remains online in blog form. And was resurrected in 2013 on CFMU 93.3FM, with new co-host Adam Wills.

KEEW was and is about music and the world around us. The music is mostly heavy and dark and often new – metal in a variety of flavours, especially doom, along with some industrial, digital hardcore, and whatever else strikes the right nerve when we’re choosing the next song. In its new incarnation, KEEW occasionally dips its toes into a genre-pushing feature called "simulated meat," where we air works by artists, projects, bands, etc. that have something metal about them but may not be considered "metal" in the traditional sense.

If you're interested in finding out more or getting in touch, drop by our CFMU page at, or email us at killeatexploittheweak [at]