Thursday, 20 March 2014

playlist double dose: March 12 & 19, 2014 + something to do in Hamilton this weekend

For those interested, here are our Kill Eat Exploit the Weak playlists for last night and the previous Wednesday. We had lots of fun putting these shows together - hopefully some of you have as much fun listening. As always, you can check out recent episodes at - just choose the Programming tab, scroll down to the end of Wednesday, and click on the link for Kill Eat Exploit the Weak.

For those in the Hamilton area, this Saturday, March 22 event might pique your interest:
The Monsters of Schlock will be tearing up the stage at Bay City Music Hall on March 22 along with special guests Wax Mannequinn and Deathpoint - the musical guests are a couple of entertaining hometown acts. I've never been to Bay City Music Hall, but I see a few upcoming shows in their event listings. Seems worth checking out.

Okay, now back to the playlists. Thanks to those of you who have gotten in touch about getting us new music to play on air, especially new Canadian metal.

* = simulated meat
^ - global metal

March 12

ConanBlood EagleFoehammerNapalm
BiblicalMonsoon SeasonSecond SightNew Damage
Psalm ZeroThe DrainThe DrainProfound Lore
Dark ForestThe AwakeningTurning of the TideCruz del Sur
MoonlyghtShiningDownfallMankind's Demise
NervosaVictim of YourselfWake Up and FightNapalm
SceptreAge of CalamityFatal Delay^
The ParallaxWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 2Seventeen
Psycho Mad SallyWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 2Marion Sims
EndemiseWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 2Far From the Light
ProtokultWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 2Get Me a Beer!
The Fiction in FolkloreWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 2Capable of Hate
SeemingThe Burial / Silent Disco The Burial*Artoffact Records
George SarahTimelapseThe Star We Spin Around*Flat Field Records
HanselCrude MattersTime*D-Trash
The Devil's BloodThe Thousandfold EpicentreEverlasting SaturnaliaMetal Blade
TroublePsalm 9Psalm 9Metal Blade
Devin TownsendZiltoid the OmniscientThe GreysInside Out
SacrificeThe Ones I CondemnThe Great WallSonic Unyon Metal

March 19

AlterbeastImmortalAncient's RetributionUnique Leader
The PrestigeEcotoneCan't You Hear the Hungry WolvesMediaskare
Earth CrisisSalvation of the InnocentsFinal BreathCandlelight
The SocksThe SocksSome Kind of SorcerySmall Stone Recordings
Dream TheaterFalling Into InfinityBurning My SoulEastWest
Gus GI Am the FireMy Will be DoneCentury Media
Ozzy OsbourneBlizzard of OzzSteal Away (The Night)Epic
Savage MessiahThe Fateful DarkHellblazerCentury Media
ExhumationHymn to Your GodParasites and Enemies^Dunkelheit Produtionen
Arch EnemyWages of SinSavage MessiahCentury Media
The AgonistPrisonersRevenge of the DadaistsCentury Media
TwilightIII: Beneath Trident's TombSwarming Funeral MassCentury Media
Black Label SocietyAlcohol Fueled BrewtalityHeart of Gold*Spitfire
Royal ThunderCVI: AWhispering World*Relapse
AgallochThe White EPBirch White*Vendlus
The Curse WithinWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 2My Revenge
SludgehammerWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 2Preservation
Empyrean PlagueWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 2We Are the North
My HollowWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 2Kings with No Castles
Burning the DayWacken Metal Battle Canada Vol 2Victorious
ScythiaOf ConquestInto the StormIndependent
Twisted SisterCome Out and PlayLeader of the PackArmoury Records

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