Wednesday, 9 April 2014

KEEW playlist: April 2 & 9, 2014

I left half my throat and lungs at the Carcass/Gorguts gig last night, so Kill Eat Exploit the Weak is in repeat mode. If you missed last week's show or enjoyed it and want to listen again, tune in to 93.3 FM at midnight ET or listen online at

Motorhead w/ Biff (Saxon)This Is Your Life: A Tribute to DioStarstruck
Big ElfInto the MaelstromIncredible Time Machine
PilgrimII: Void WorshipAway From Here
IRNIRNAlways Die Slowly
Old WitchCome Mourning ComeThis Land Has Been Cursed%
Halcyon DaysOnism EPDon't Wake Up&
Will of the AncientsTo Our Glorious DeadShield of Stone
Sabbath AssemblyQuaternityLucifer*
UlverChildhood's EndWhere is Yesterday*
SUNN O))) & UlverTerrestrialsWestern Horn*
KataklysmWaiting for the End to ComeEmpire of Dirt
Broken HopeOmen of DiseaseWomb of Horrors
MassacreBack From BeyondBeast With Vengeance
TheoriaMantraInner Tempests^
PrismindsingleTime Unforgiving%
Lost SocietyTerror HungryBrewtal Awakening
Dawn VallyWacken Metal Battle Canada Compilation Vol 2Code Name Redeemer
King ParrotBite Your Head offBlaze in the Northern Suburbs
*simulated meat
^global metal
%local metal

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