Friday, 7 March 2014

KEEW playlist March 5, 2014 - CFMU pledge drive week, Raise Your Voice 2014!

If you read my last post you'll know that it's the time of year when we campus/community radio folks try to remind people about the unique and awesome work we do, and why non-profit radio stations like CFMU deserve your support.

In honour of the occasion, pledge drive week at 93.3FM CFMU, Adam and I hosted our show live this week. We tried to offer a good cross-section of what Kill Eat Exploit the Weak is all about - new metal, metal from the far reaches of the globe^, music on the fringes of metal*, local metal% and some metal favourites and classics, plus a dose of commentary from us.

If you're a fan of the show, or of campus radio generally, please consider throwing some support our way - and by "our" in this case I mean CFMU. If you're in the Hamilton area, drop by our fundraising concert tonight at This Ain't Hollywood. If you can't make it out, there are still other ways you can help out, including donating online.

Thanks for supporting KEEW, CFMU and campus/community radio!

This week's playlist:
Will of the AncientsTo Our Glorious DeadWhere Men Fear To BuildPRC
HiraxImmortal LegacyVictims of the DeadSPV
Sovereign CouncilNew ReignNew ReignIndependent
ChronobotChronobotHail UnicronIndependent
KuolemanlaaksoTulijoutsenMe vaellamme yössäSvart
CrematoryAntiserumIf You BelieveSPV
Skull FistChasing the DreamYou're Gonna PayNapalm
SkynetSkynet EPDeception%Independent
Beyond the ShoreGhostwatcherHomewreckerMetal Blade
Edge of SanityThe Spectral SorrowsLostBlack Mark
SolusOur Frosting HellQuilt of ShameIndependent
Omnium GatherumThe Redshift Re-ReleaseNailCandlelight
Helen Money Arriving AngelsBeautiful Friends*Profound Lore
Johnny HollowDirty HandsThis Hollow World*Orange
ApocalypticaAmplified // A Decade of Reinventing the CelloPath Vol. 2*Universal
AnthraxPersistence of TimeTimeMegaforce
SlayerSeasons in the AbyssDead Skin MaskDef American
MetallicaMaster of PuppetsBatteryElektra

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