Wednesday, 8 June 2016

May 2016 playlists from Kill Eat Exploit the Weak

We're gradually catching up on posting our KEEW playlists here. If you're interested in seeing what songs we played on air in May, read on.

Tune in tonight at midnight ET as I finally get around to reviewing my Montreal music haul. We'll also be spinning the usual new releases and concert listings-related tracks as well. Kill Eat Exploit the Weak airs every Wednesday night on CFMU 93.3 FM.

May 4

Tales of the TombWacken Metal Battle Compilation Vol. 4The Pig Farmer
Pyramid TheoremWacken Metal Battle Compilation Vol. 5Outlaw for Good
ScythiaLineageLaugh of the Tsar
SacrificeForward to TerminationTerror Strikes
GLORIOR BELLISundown (The Flock That Welcomes)Rebels in Disguise
NearOwn SunThe Eyes of the Ancient Trees
MaleficenceRealms of Mortification 7" EPOf Mortification and Beyond
KhanusRites of FireThe Daughters of Fire
PerturbatorThe Uncanny ValleyFemme Fatale
VölurDisirWhite Phantom
PolarNo Cure No SaviourDeus Ex Machina
The DecoysIn Our BloodDon't Hesitate
ALARICEnd Of MirrorsWreckage
VektorTerminal ReduxPteropticon
The ParallelEmbarkPendulum (feat. Eric Almeida of AURAS)
Mandroid EchostarCoral ThroneViolet Skies
VoltangHermaphroditeSnake Charmer
Thick PissDemoThe Hound
Hate EternalConquering the ThronePraise Of The Almighty
BiblicalMonsoon SeasonSecond Sight
PensevorKlothodRitualistic Blood Sacrifice
TendagrutaEnsalmo Do SargaçoUrfuto Tripimivo

May 11

Grand MagusSword SongsForged in Iron - Crowned in Steel
ProngX - No AbsolutesCut and Dry
CrawlWacken BattleLoaded
GreberSplit 7" with AnthesisAnxiety Addict
Vital RemainsDechristianizeSavior to None... Failure For All
Black AbsintheEarly Signs of DenialThe Wild
PhobocosmBringer of DroughtTidal Scourge
DistortHeadInvasive SpeciesOde to the Sun
Dead RegisterFiberAlone
Rhin PassengerUnwell
COFFIN LUSTManifestation of Inner DarknessMass Extinction
Mother FeatherMother FeatherMirror
NOTHINGTired of TomorrowEaten by Worms
Surgical Meth MachineSurgical Meth MachineSmash and Grab
DEVILDRIVERTrust No OneTestimony of Truth
StrikerStand in the FireOut for Blood
Holy DragonsCivilizatorSecret Friend
Mountain of WizardCasting Rhythms and DisturbancesUFO
INIREEndless Days singleEndless
ToskaToskaNight I - Algid Gales
ToothgrinderNocturnal MasqueradeDance of Damsels
Funeral MothTransienceLost

May 18

Adam's "Laura's in Montreal so I'm flying solo" playlist:

AlestormSunset on the Golden AgeSurf Squid Warfare
ClutchBlast TyrantRegulator
Author & PunisherMELK EN HONINGShame
ForteresseLegendes (double 7")Wendigo
Fragile ExistenceCataclysms and BeginningsLimitless Genocide
Vile CreatureA Steady Descent Into the SoilA Constant Yearning to Leave
Bell WitchFour PhantomsJudgement, In Air II - Felled (In Howling Wind)
Woods of YpresPursuit of the Sun & Allure of the EarthSun Was in my Eyes (Part Doom)
MastodonLeviathanHearts Alive
Threat SignalVigilanceThe Beginning of the End
Devin TownsendDeconstructionPlanet of the Apes
Ocean MachineBiomechBastard/Not One of the Better Days/The Girl from Blue City
Devin TownsendTerriaDeep Peace
Devin Townsend BandAccelerated EvolutionDeadhead
Devin TownsendInfinityWild Colonial Boy
Devin TownsendEpicloudSave Our Now

May 25

MegadethRust in PeaceTornado of Souls
Rotten SoundAbuse to SufferSlave to the Rats
Mitochondria5iv3Loathe and Behold
VesperiaThe Iron Tempests EPThe Western Tempests
Primal FearRule BreakerBullets & Tears
Celestial RuinPandora (EP)Firestorm
IN MOURNINGAfterglowFire and Ocean
WinterhordeMaestroChronic Death
First FragmentDaseinEmergence
GRUESOMEDimensions Of HorrorHellbound
Giant of the MountainThe Empty Quarter Instinct
WhisperedMetsutan - Songs of the VoidVictory Grounds Nothing
Without MercyMouichido (EP)In Waves
BrutusWandering Blind Creepin'
Black AbsintheEarly Signs of DenialIs this Life
Jim Breuer and the Loud & RowdySongs from the GarageRaising Teenage Girls
Gutter InstinctAge Of The FanaticsBloodstorms
VainajaVerenvalaja Kultti
Six Feet UnderGraveyard Classics IV: The Number of the Priest The Evil That Men Do

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