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June playlists from Kill Eat Exploit the Weak, part 1

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June 1

Show notes:

Fri JUN 3: Silence (in Guelph) Presents the SHIFT series: The Visit
Fri JUN 3 @ The Garrison (Toronto): Wolf Eyes + Nadja + Burden + Doom Tickler
Sat JUN 4 @ Hard Luck Bar: Untimely Demise, Spewgore, Corporal Punishment & ViledriverSun JUN 5 @ This Ain't Hollywood: VENOM INC with NECROPHAGIA
Sun JUN 5: Backslider (PA), Avon Dealer, Beggin For Oxys, Witches From Everywhere, Giving Up @ Coalition TO
Sun JUN 5: BRVNCH SHOW w/ AHNA (Vancouver) and Theriac (Toronto)

Untimely DemiseBlack WidowAnticolonizer
NERVOSAAgony Theory of Conspiracy
NecrophagiaWhiteWorm CathedralWarlock Messiah
Witches from EverywhereSplit with DeceiverHark the Herald
AhnaPerpetual Warfare 12" EPNo One Survives
TheriacTheriacWith Hands Like Shovels
SATYRICONNemesis DivinaMother North
EntheanPriests of AnnihilationBring forth the Raven
CoughStill They PrayThe Wounding Hours
CANDLEMASSDeath Thy Lover Sleeping Giant
CAUCHEMARChapelle ArdenteSepolta Viva
WEIRD LIGHTDoomicvs VobiscvmObsidian Temple
Heavens CryOutcastOutcast
Rhapsody of FireFrom Chaos to EternityAeons of Raging Darkness
Sleep of MonstersII: Poison GardenThe Devil And All His Works
If These Trees Could TalkThe Bones of a Dying World Solstice
The VisitThrough Darkness Into LightThrough Darkness

June 8

Show notes:

Thu, June 9 @ The Garrison in Toronto: Striker, Axxion and Manacle

Sat, June 11 @ The Opera House in Toronto: Wacken Metal Battle Canada final featuring Profaner (Ontario Finalist), Tales of the Tomb (Prairie Finalist), Pyramid Theorem (Ontario Finalist), The Mountain Man (Vancouver Finalist), DistortHead (Quebec Finalist) and guest headliner Crimson Shadows

Laura's Montreal metal haul from Soundcentral and Freeson Rock: Alam al-Mithal, Milanku, A Storm of Light, Nadja, Cauchemar, Ihsahn, Haken and, though we didn't get around to playing them, Voivod and Judas Priest

StrikerStand in the FirePhoenix Lights
WrongWrongTurn In
SludgehammerThe Fallen SunIntestines Entwined
Crimson ShadowsKings Amon MenFreedom and Salvation
Fractal CypherPrison Planet (single) Prison Planet
Chariots of The GodsInto Oblivion (single) ft Pascal Jobin of The AgonistInto Oblivion
BearToothAGGRESSIVE Burnout
Alam al-Mithal.​.​.​] intemporels, nous serions.Prélude en arche contrapuntique/Observé depuis la Terre
Milankude FragmentsDans les absences
A Storm of LightPrimitive NorthFrom Your Eyes the Sun (Remix)
NadjaPrimitive NorthBrother (Remix)
CauchemarLa vierge noireLe Gardien de la Tere
IhsahnArktisUntil I Too Dissolve
HakenAffinityThe Architect

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