Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A soundtrack for April: what we played last month on Kill Eat Exploit the Weak

We started off April with an unavoidable repeat, so you'll have to check the last playlist post if you want a refresher on that one. Otherwise, this is what the month looked like in terms of our song selections for Kill Eat Exploit the Weak on CFMU.

April 13

GERYONThe WoundSilent Command
Cult Of Luna and Julie ChristmasMarinerChevron
DeftonesGoreGeometric Headdress
Palace of WormsThe LadderWreathe
New Keepers of the Water TowersInfernal MachineEscape Aleph Minor Wave
Body FuturesUnintimidated: Scott Walker (Various Artists)Right to Work
Gypsy Chief GoliathCitizens of NowhereBlack Samurai
[Evertrapped]Wacken Metal Battle CompilationEmbrace the End
TymoWacken Metal Battle CompilationSee You in Hell
KataklysmOf Ghosts and GodsThe Black Sheep
GreberKiln Hardened PsalmsDie Pietro
Temple of AbandonmentFrom Outer Spheres​.​.​. DeathFrom Outer Spheres​.​.​. Death
BiblicalMonsoon SeasonSecond Sight
Blind WitnessI Am HellI Am Hell
Protest the HeroPacific MythCataract

April 20

Edge of SanitySpectral SorrowsBlood of my Enemies
Tombs All Empires FallLast Days of Sunlight
Le Temps Sombre

Où Chassent Les Dieux
TalamyusHonour is Our Code, Death is the RewardLoki's Punishment
AbortedRetrogoreCadaverous Collection
Mirrors For Psychic WarfareMirrors for Psychic WarfareOracles Hex
The ForeshadowingSeven Heads Ten HornsTwo Horizons
Good TigerA Heal Full of MoonlightWhere are the Birds
MessengerThrenodiesOracles of War
October TideWinged WaltzSwarm
IhsahnArktisCelestial Violence
TombstonedIITime Travels
Astral PathAn Oath to the VoidBetween Appalachia and The Shield
Sig:Ar:Tyr - NorthenNorthenVinland
ProfanerSigns of NineWaylaid By Evil
Red Handed DenialWandererManipulator
AlderSun WorshipperOnly Memories Remain
JollyThe Audio Guide to Happiness (Vol 2)Firewall

April 27

AbnormalityMechanisms Of OmniscienceMechanisms of Omniscience
DischargeEnd of DaysNew World Order
WrongWrongHum Drum
FallujahDreamlessThe Void Alone
HakenAffinityThe Architect
Long Distance CallingTripsGetaway
HabuInfiinteDead Weight
BehemothThe SatanistBlow Your Trumpets Gabriel
MyrkurMSkogen Skulle Do
Amon AmarthJomsvikingThe Way of Vikings
Entombed A.D.Dead DawnDown to Mars to Ride
AyahuascaPlato's Dark HorseCan You Feel the New Food Chain?
Mandroid EchostarCoral ThroneSacred Fire
Empyrean PlagueWacken Metal Battle Canada Compilation Vol. 2We Are the North
VölurDisirThe Deep-Minded
SchammaschSic Lvceat Lvx Awakening from the Dream of Life
ProfanerWacken Metal Battle Canada Compilation Vol. 4Prophetic Nightmare

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