Friday, 27 May 2016

bye-bye grim winter frost, hello heavy metal spring (more KEEW playlists)

Nevermind that it actually feels like summer around here this week. If you're not quite ready for the heat, take a moment to remember the February and March chill with this catch-up post of Kill Eat Exploit the Weak playlists.

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February 3, 2016

Fuck the FactsDesire Will RotThe Path of Most Resistance
Cancer BatsSearching for ZeroArsenic in the Year of the Snake
DiemondsNever Wanna DieHell is Full
KataklysmOf Ghosts and GodsSoul Destroyer
KenMODESuccessI Just Liked Fire
OBSCURAAkróasisSermon of the Seven Suns
DIVINITYThe Immortalist Part 2. MomentumManhunt
GhostlimbDifficult LovesHostility Compelling
Graf OrlockCrime TravelerOur Infallible Cybernetic Future
SentientWacken Metal Battle Vol 3Of Dreams
StrikerStand in the FireThe Iron Never Lies
Danko JonesLive at Wacken Play the Blues
Elephant 12There Goes my Ego EPThere Goes My Ego
Fleshgod ApocalypseKingIn Aeternum
PrimitivImmortal & VileWorld War Zero
Seven Sisters Of SleepEzekiel's HagsPlateau
SeerVol 1 & 2Antibody
ProngX: No AbsolutesUltimate Authority
Bury TomorrowEarthboundThe Eternal
TexturesPhenotypeShaping a Single Grain of Sand
RhineAn OutsiderSpell of Dark Water Master
POWER FROM HELLDevil's WhorehouseOld Metal
OCERCOA DesolaçãoO Ocaso
EucharistEndarkenmentEvocatis Tenebris

February 10

Abigail WilliamsThe AccuserPath of Broken Glass
Out of My League(single)Lily of the Valley
PRODUCT OF HATEBuried In Violence...As Your Kingdom Falls
FlummoxSelcouthThe Ghost of Ronnie Dio
Black WizardNew WasteRevival
Eight BellsLandlessHold by Breath
Aluk TodoloVoix5_01
OstotsHil ArgiAzken Hegala
Khtoniik Cerviiks SeroLogiikal Scars (Vertex of Dementiia)SeroLogiikal Scars
Valyria(single)Steel Inquisition
Holy GrailTimes of Pride and PerilSudden Death
GehennaToo Loud to Live, Too Drunk to DieGehenna Will Destroy Your Life
Python(single)Too Young to Die
Reencarnacion888 MetalArmageddon
Rotting ChristRitualsElthe Kyrie
Sabbatory4 Doors to DeathAscension to My Holy Tomb
XulChaos Requiem
UnbowedDogmaEchoes of Cernunnos
The ErkonautsI Did Something BadHamster's Ghosthouse
Jess and the Ancient OnesSecond Psychedelic Coming - The Aquarius TapesThe Lovers

February 17

DemonazMarch of the NorseLegends of Fire and Ice
IschemicFrigid DescentFrigid Descent
TaakeStriden HusDet fins en prins
Vattnet ViskarSettlerHeirs
The Burning DogmaNo Shores of HopeFeast for Crows
SeventhThe HeraldThe Tower
DELAINLunar PreludeHere Come the Vultures (live 2015)
Kobra and the LotusKobra and the LotusNo Rest for the Wicked
Within TemptationHydraAnd We Run
NightwishDark Passion PlayEpica
Lacuna CoilUnleashed MemoriesWhen a Dead Man Walks
Sabbatory4 Doors to DeathPrimordial
ADEPTSleeplessRewind the Tape
INGLORIOUSIngloriousUntil I Die
Mandroid EchostarCoral ThroneMetatron
OdinfistPower and Might (single)Power and Might
Eye of HorusBlood Ritual (single)Blood Ritual
Inverted SerenityManifestation of Eternity in a World of TimeEmbracing Electromagnetic Metamorphosis
ApollyonI Am the King NowTranscendence of the Human Condition
Awake the SunThe Barren SleepThe Withering
The AnchoressConfessions of A Romance NovelistBury Me

February 24

Anaal NathrakhIn the Constellation of the Black WidowI Am the Wrath of Gods and the Desolation of the Earth Music
Black CobraImperium SimulacraChallenger Deep
CoffinsCoffins/Ilsa splitTyrant
AnvilAnvil is AnvilUp, Down, Sideways
Destroyer 666WildfireTraitor
Droids AttackSci-Fi or DieBrahma Astra
Entombed A.D.Dead DawnThe Winner Has Lost
GreenleafRise Above the MeadowHowl
Omnium GatherumGrey HeavensSkyline
Oranssi PazuzuVärähtelijäSaturaatio
Ritual ChamberObscurationsThe Eternal Eye
VoivodPost Society EPPost Society
WakeSowing the Seeds of a Worthless TomorrowDrones
Men To WolvesThe Show
Divine RealmTectum ArgentiInherit the Earth
After the BurialDig DeepCollapse
SacrificeThe Ones I CondemnGive Me Justice
AnthraxFor All KingsMonster at the End
DawnbringerXXNorth by North

March 2 - the CFMU Raise Your Voice Pledge Drive edition

VoivodPost Society EPForever Mountain
VesperiaIron Tempests EPThe Western Tempests
Act of SinWacken Metal Battle CompilationBroken Wing Syndrome
Full DeadWacken Metal Battle CompilationInto the Void
Devin Townsend ProjectZ2March of the Poozers
DiemondsNever Wanna DieAint' That Kinda Girl
AmorphisForging the Land of Thousand LakesMagic and Mayhem/Black Winter Day (live at Oulu 2009)
AbbathAbbathWinter Bane
Faith No MoreKing for a Day, Fool for a LifetimeJust a Man
NeurosisA Sun that Never SetsThe Tide
Blind GuardianA Night at the OperaAnd Then There Was Silence
CarcassHeartworkBured Dreams
Vile Creature
A Steady Descent Into the Soil
A Constant Yearning to Leave
Astral WitchBlack Denim (single)Black Denim
Ending TyrannyEvolution of DeceitPoisoning the Soul
PrismindDiamond EyeDiamond Eye
Beyond CreationEarthborn EvolutionSous la Lueur de L'Empereur
LeprousThe CongregationLower

March 9

Oceans Of SlumberWinterDevout
Buffalo Theory MTLSkeptic Knight EPPsychic Enclosure
Projekt FThe Butterfly Effect EPCut Your Wings
While She SleepsBrainwashedOur Legacy
Hate EternalPhoenix Amongst the AshesThe Eternal Rule
Vital RemainsDechristianizeRush of Deliverance
Fragile ExistenceCataclysms and BeginningsLimitless Genocide
The Whites of Their Eyes
Dead TiredDead Tired
Demise of the CrownDemise of the CrownWe Are Invincible
BushwhackerThe False DilemmaShikadance
Van HalstWorld of Make BelieveThe End
Begrime Exemious The Enslavement ConquestCradled in Our Hands
Temple of GnosisDe Secretis Naturae AlchymicaSerpentivm
RiversideShrine of New Generation SlavesNew Generation Slave
HEADSPACEAll That You Fear Is GoneSemaphore
MastodonWhite WalkerWhite Walker
OpethMy Arms, Your HearseWhen
INVERLOCHDistance | CollapsedDistance Collapsed (In Rubble)

March 16

AlastorWaldmarkArmy of the North
EohumEaldfaederThe Apathetic Plague
AccuserThe Forlorn DivideUnreal Perception
CriminalFear ItselfAnimals to Gods
VeneficiumVeneficiumMordant Photism Above Cathedrals
VoidnagaDemoHaze Bore Darkness
DESTROYERS OF ALLBlack FragmentsHallow Words
NorthLight the WayWeight of All Thoughts
ConvulseCycle of RevengeCycle of Revenge
K-X-PIII Part 2Winner
TusmörkeFort Bak LysetFort Bak Lyset
PyrrhonRunning Out Of SkinStatistic Singular
ProfanerWacken Metal Battle Canada Compilation Vol. 4Prophetic Nightmare
Pyramid TheoremOutlaw for Good (single)Outlaw for Good
Tales of the TombWacken Metal Battle Canada Compilation Vol. 4The Pig Farmer
SingularityWacken Metal Battle Canada Compilation Vol. 4Beyond the Void
ScythraChaotic EradicationChaotic Eradication
DeadrotUndone (single)Undone
Dead TiredDead TiredDead Tired
Six of SwordsHell's Messiah (single)Hell's Messiah
DesmireSleepless Waters (single)Sleepless Waters

March 23

Black SabbathHeavy and HellDie Young
Bruce DickinsonChemical WeddingChemical Wedding
DawnbringerNight of the HammerOne Eyes Sister
ThrawsunblatWanderer on the Continent of SaplingsWanderer on the Continent of Saplings
Woods of YpresWoods 2Dragged Across a Forest Floor
AhabThe Divinity of OceansThe Divinity of Oceans
Mares of ThraceThe PilgrimmageThe Perpetrator
AuguryConcealed (reissue)Cosmic Migration
UnexpectFables of the Sleepless EmpireUnsolved Ideas of a Distorted Guest
The Dillinger Escape PlanIrony is a Dead SceneWhen Good Dogs Do Bad Things
LilituThe Delores LesionOnly the End of the World Again
AnciientsHeart of OakRaise the Sun
AmorphisEclipseHouse of Sleep
KatatoniaLast Fair Deal Gone DownTeargas
Devin Townsend BandAccelerated EvolutionStorm
BloodbathNightmares Made FleshEaten
ImmortalSons of Northern DarknessTyrants
MasterplanMasterplanSail On
AlcestLes Voyages De L'emeLes Voyages De L'eme
The GatheringNighttime BirdsThird Chance
Man's GinSmiling DogsNuclear Ambition Part 1

March 30

Amon AmarthJomsvikingRaise Your Horns
ArtilleryPenalty By PerceptionLive By the Scythe
Judas PriestBattle Cry CD/DVDVictim of Changes
Walls Of JerichoNo One Can Save You From YourselfFight the Good Fight
BabymetalMetal ResistanceKarate
Scars from a Dead RoomVengeanceA Prophecy of Doom
NecronomiconAdvent of the Human GodAdvent of the Human God
The End of GalliaThat Was The End - This is the BeginningEithna
Blood CeremonyLord Of MisruleThe Devil's Widow
CobaltSlow ForeverRuiner
Rotten SoundAbuse To SufferCrooked
WormedKrighsuAgliptian Codex Cyborgization
Black CobraImperium SimulacraThe Messenger
Oceans Of Slumber WinterDevout
Sonata ArcticaWinterheart's GuildThe Cage
MoonsorrowJumalten AikaSuden Tunti
KalmahThe Black WaltzTo The Gallows
The Angelic ProcessWeighing Souls With Sand (Re-Release)The Resonance of Goodbye
Negative VoiceCold RedraftedKarmic Pattern
Spiritual BeggarsSunrise To SundownDiamond Under Pressure

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