Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The not really Halloween edition, 2015 (another KEEW playlist)

We didn't put together a show specifically for Halloween this year, but there's still witches, skulls and zombies in the playlist.

October 28, 2015

Astral WitchBang-OverThis Heavy Wave
Grave DiggerExhumation: The Early YearsWitch Hunter
Pythonsingle/EPToo Young to Die
Last ScatteringEidolonGibGib
YobClearing the Path the AscendNothing to Win
Corrections HouseKnow How to Carry A WhipSuperglued Tooth
VholDeeper Than SkyLightless Sun
ShiningInternational Blackjazz SocietyBurn It All
Abigail WilliamsThe AccuserThe Cold Lines
CryptopsyThe Book of Suffering Tome 1 EPThe Knife, The Head and What Remains
Hooded MenaceDarkness Drips ForthI, Devil Master
Silent LineShattered ShoresErosion
WhitechapelThe Brotherhood of the BladeOur Endless War
ZombiShape ShiftTotal Breakthrough
Skull FistChasing the DreamBad For Good
Skull FistChasing the DreamYou're Gonna Pay

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