Wednesday, 14 October 2015

KEEW playlists: fall 2015

More playlists from Kill Eat Exploit the Weak, Wednesday nights at midnight on CFMU 93.3FM...

September 16

Adam flies solo, playing Vile Creature and bloodpheasant the same night we were catching them live in St. Catharines... (magic or science? you be the judge)

The Black Dahlia MurderAbysmalVlad, Son of the Dragon
AggressionFractured Psyche DemonsMetal Slaughter
Christian MistressTo Your DeathNeon
My Dying BrideFeel The MiseryTo Shiver in Empty Halls
WindhandGrief's Infernal FlowerForest Clouds
Vile CreatureA Steady Descent Into the SoilMotivated by Guilt
bloodpheasanttraumOur Homes and Their Adornments
NachterrorOf Ash and Dying LightUpon Ashen Shores
The VisitThrough Darkness Into LightThrough Darkness
RiversideLove, Fear and the Time MachineSaturate Me
Leaves' EyesKing of KingsThe Waking Eye
Iron MaidenThe Book of SoulsEmpire of the Clouds
ArcheUndercurrentsPlains of Lethe

September 23

Special guests Voltang join us in the studio to chat about their new record and their lives as DIY touring artists (aka "Canadian Demi-Gods of Raunch'n'Roll and Professional Party Animals")...

Kill Matilda
Happy Metal Annihilation Vol. 4
I Want Revenge
Astral WitchBang-OverEmbodied by the Stars
Black BreathSlaves Beyond DeathPleasure, Pain, Disease
GraveyardInnocence & DecadenceCan't Walk Out
GhostMelioraFrom the Pinnacle To The Pit
AlcestLes Voyages De L'ÂmeFaiseurs de mondes
Trench WarfarePerversion WarfareDecimate Legions
KralliceYgg HuurBitter Meditation
Hey ClownElevator RockThe Giant
Cattle DecapitationThe Anthropocene ExtinctionThe Prophets of Loss
ArchspireThe Lucid CollectivePlague of AM
WindfaererTenebrosumMorir en el Olvido
VoltangHermaphoditeSnake Charmer
DawnbringerNight of the HammerThe Burning of Home
Black SabbathParanoidHand of Doom
WiltWiltAutumn Veil
Teloch VovinFurther Down the TunnelVena Cava

September 30

New music, music from bands on tour, and music to welcome the month of October...

The Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation SocietyFuture Northern ProsperityNorthern October
Type O NegativeOctober RustWolf Moon (Including Zoanthropic Paranoia)
EntwineChaotic NationEnd of Silence
GhostMelioraYear Zero (live)
VoltangHermaphroditeSnake Charmer
KylesaExhausting FireBlood Moon
Mad TrapperDead LivvingTakeover
BleedThe Hatred InsideConquer
GloryhammerSpace 1992: Rise of the Chaos WizardsLegend of the Astral Hammer
Unleash the ArchersTime Stands StillFrozen Steel
Crimson ShadowsKings Among MenBraving the Storm
QueensrycheCondition HumanGuardian
PyrrhonGrowth Without EndThe Mass
OriginOmnipresentThe Absudity of What I Am
The Black Dahlia MurderAbysmalThe Fog
SevendustKill The FlawThank You
DeafheavenNew BermudaLuna
Temple Of BaalMysteriumDivine Scythe
October FallsThe Womb of Primordial NatureIII
October TideA Thin ShellThe Custodian of Science

October 7

More new music and some extra-early celebrations in preparation for ProgPower XVII...

Fates WarningA Pleasant Shade of GrayPart V (Live)
Green CarnationA Blessing in DisguiseAs Life Flows By
The Gentle StormThe DiaryThe Storm
AscendiaThe Lion and the JesterAt the End of It All
ClutchPsychic WarfareSucker for the Witch
The Winery DogsHot StreakOblivion
CAYMFrom Red to BlackWillow Farm
PythonPython EPSurvive Another Night
Malevolent CreationDead Man's PathSoul Razer
KEN modeSuccessThe Owl...
Monster MagnetCobras and the Fire (The Mastermind Redux)Mastermind
Kowloon Walled CityGrievancesBacklist
He Whose Ox Is GoredThe Camel, The Lion, The ChildOmega
IRATASweet LorisDaisy
The VisitThrough Darkness Into LightCast Off the Veil
Van HalstsingleSave Me
Vantablack WarshipVantablack WarshipThe Pit
Devin Townsend ProjectSky BlueRain City
HakenRestoration EPCrystallised

October 14

So much new music with a few other choice selections thrown in...

SoulflyArchangelMother of Dragons
SoilworkThe Ride MajesticShining Lights
Negura BungetTauPicur Viu Foc
The MatadorssingleDance Me to the End of Love
SanctuaryThe Year the Sun DiedLet the Serpent Follow Me
Answer With MetalWacken Metal Battle Canada, Vol. 1Two Wrongs (Don't Make a Right)
SatanAtom By AtomAtom by Atom
MurashitaInescapable Damnation This Show Must Go On
Into EternityBuried In OblivionSplintered Visions
Wilderness DreamWilderness DreamAlive in the Dark
White Widows PactTrue Will This Thing of Ours
Left for DeadDevoid of EverythingWho Do You Know
ClutchPsychic WarfareSucker for the Witch
Gentlemans PistolsHustler's RowStress and Confusion
With The DeadWith The DeadI Am Your Virus
AnciientsHeart of OakBuilt to Die
Dead to a Dying WorldLitanyEventide
So HideousLaurestineThe Keepsake
Thy CatafalqueSgùrrJura
Tod Heutet UebelMalíciaIII
[Evertrapped]Under The DeepBlood of the Fallen
Display of DecayDust of ExistenceCellar Goreatory
Untimely DemiseSystematic EradicationSpritual Embezzlement

Until next week...

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