Friday, 11 December 2015

KEEW playlists: November 2015

November got off to a somewhat confusing start in terms of the Kill Eat Exploit the Weak schedule... For whatever reason, an exciting guest appearance by St. Catharines' Vile Creature on November 4 didn't end up airing until November 11.

Nevertheless, they were delightful guests and picked some excellent music - it was a great pleasure to share the studio with them. Do yourselves a favour and check them out on bandcamp: You can also check out their culinary skills through their brand new Rescue Dogs vegan food cart!:

November 11, 2015

WarscrollSplit release with Age of CollapseEsperando Lo Peor
KataklysmOf Ghosts and GodsMarching Through Graveyards
Pinkish BlackRazed to the GroundAshtray Eyes
TesseractAltered StateRetrospect
Vile CreatureA Steady Decent Into The SoilConstant Yearning to Leave
RaganaWash AwayWash Away
GoldNo ImageThe Controller
AntibodySpace QveenRejection is Agony
Spectral WoundTerra NulliusUnder a Purple Moon
Exes for EyesTongues Like Figure EightsDone for Good (feat. Speed Strid)
ProfanerSigns of NineSymbol of Supremacy
Yellow EyesSick with BloomSick with Bloom
All Them WitchesLightning at the DoorDeath of Coyote Woman
Old WitchCome Mourning ComeThe Frost and the Tyrant

November 18, 2015

GirlschoolGuilty as SinTake It Like a Band
AnthraxSpreading the Disease (30th Anniversary Edition)Madhouse
Machine HeadThe Burning RedMessage In A Bottle
AmorphisUnder the Red CloudUnder the Red Cloud
The ApexThe ApexAttack
Ending TyrannyFall From Grace Compilation, Vol. 1Sin
KillitorousParty GrindGodking
AllegaeonFragments of Form and FunctionA Cosmic Question
DraconianSovranThe Wretched Tide
Swallow the SunSongs from the NorthRooms & Shadows
Paradise LostThe Plague WithinAn Eternity of Lies
EnslavedBloodhemnAnsuz Astral
Melted SpaceThe Great LieTerrible Fight
Pseudo/SentaiBansheefaceMarch of the Selkies
Dead TempleDead TempleBlack Death
FlightFlightAs Silence Falls
Twitching TonguesDisharmonyCruci-fiction
GorodA Maze of Recycled CreedsCelestial Nature
BleedThe Hatred InsideConquer
VenefixionDefixio TAPEMorbid Casket
Shooting GunsBrotherhood of the RamPredator II

November 25, 2015

Woods of YpresDeepest Roots and Darkest BluesThe Northern Cold
AmorphisMagic & Mayhem - Tales From the Early YearsBlack Winter Day
AgallochPale FolkloreDead Winter Days
DanzigSkeletonsLet Yourself Go
Paradise LostSymphony of the LostTragic Idol
RushR40 Live2112
Magic CircleJourney BlindA Ballad for the Vultures
PanopticonAutumn EternalA Superior Lament
NaarvhalNaarvhalAncient Quasar
The VisitThrough Darkness Into LightCast off the Veil
Beyond CreationEarthborn EvolutionElusive Reverence
Al-NamroodDiaji Al JoorAdghan
ImmensityThe Isolation SplendourIrradiance (For the Unlight)
Altars of GriefSubarctic Nocturnes - Doomed to Be Vol 1The Plague that Haunts the Darkness

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