Thursday, 3 September 2015

KEEW playlists: August 27 & September 2 (good new music and previews of some great live line-ups)

CFMU is broadcasting live next week for the annual McMaster University Welcome Week, which means Kill Eat Exploit the Weak is taking a short break. For now, here are our latest playlists, previewing the wealth of live music happening around here as summer draws to an end and checking out some of the new music hitting the shelves (physical and otherwise) in recent weeks.

August 27

GradeUnder the RadarVictims of Mathematics
Men to WolvesNightmare
SoulstormFrom Euphoria to ParanoiaSeethe (murdersong)
EvergreyRecreation DayThe Great Deceiver
VoyagerVBreaking Down
BorealisPurgatoryFrom the Ashes
ThantifaxathThantifaxathViolently Expanding Nothing
Old WitchCome Mourning ComeThe Frost and the Tyrant
RavenExTerminationDestroy All Monsters
Cult of LunaEternal KingdomOwlwood
InaeonaForce Rise the SunSoldier
AdversarialDeath, Endless Nothing and the Black Knife of NihilismEonik Spiritual Warfare
BattlecrossRise to the PowerNot Your Slave
KadavarBerlinThe Old Man
ScythianHubris in ExcelsisApocalyptic Visions
ManegarmVredens TidFrekastein
AhabThe Boats of Glen CarrigRed Foam (The Great Storm)
F--k The FactsDesire Will RotPrey
NileWhat Should Not Be UnearthedCall to Destruction
Rivers Of NihilMonarchyPerpetual Growth Machine

September 2

Cardinals PrideThose People Will Never Die EPRefracted
PrismindsingleDiamond Eye
ConflictedIn the WaterOuterspace
InsomniumShadows of the Dying SunWhile We Sleep
Omnium GatherumsingleSkyline
DiemondsNever Wanna DieHell is Full
TimeGiantsingle (Soundcloud download)Waiting for the Sun
Pythonsingle Too Young to Die
AmorphisUnder the Red CloudSacrifice
RiversideLove, Fear and the Time MachineDiscard Your Fear
CruciamentumCharnel PassagesTongues of Nightshade
Iron MaidenThe Book of SoulsSpeed of Light
Iced EarthLive in Ancient KourionDracula
GhostMelioraMummy Dust
ThrawsunblatWanderer on the Continent of SaplingsView of a Million Trees
Beyond CreationEarthborn EvolutionElusive Psychological Reverence
Altars of GriefOf Ash and Dying LightIn Dying Light
CynicKindly Bent to Free UsThe Lion's Roar

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