Thursday, 18 June 2015

Kill Eat Exploit your way into summer... (more playlists)

More playlists, so soon, you may ask? Yes, indeed! We're still playing catch-up with the Kill Eat Exploit the Weak admin. Here are a few more to bring us up to date.

Be sure to tune in next week for our TUSKA Festival preview and July 1 for our annual Canada Day feature!

June 3 (& 10)

LeprousThe CongregationMoon
Pyrrhon Growth Without End EPCancer Mantra
AyahuascaPlato's Dark HorseA Dark Horse Dragging
The Meads of AsphodelTaste the Divine Wrath Split EPYou've Got the Hate
Armored Saint Win Hands DownUp Yours
GirlschoolDemolitionRace with the Devil
TjolgtjarTaste the Divine Wrath Split EPA Goat in the Wood
MUTANKMECH MetalThrashback in Time
Paradise LostThe Plague WithinFlesh from Bone
SkinlessOnly the Ruthless RemainThe Beast Smells Blood
Endless ChaosRejected Atrocity EPRejected Atrocity
AnciientsHeart of OakThe Longest River
KatatoniaDiscouraged OnesSaw You Drown
My Dying BrideLike Gods of the SunFor You
DemontageThe Principal ExtinctionEntourage of Demon Dances
Vol├╝rDisirThe Deep-Minded
eyeswithoutafaceWARGUTSBeautiful and Cruel
EnablerFliesSickened by the Wake
ArchspireThe Lucid CollectiveSpontaneous Generation
NordheimRefillUnder a Crying Storm

June 17

VesperiaAn Olden TaleThe Swordsman
VargaEnter the MetalShark Attack
Demon LungPareidoliaPareidolia
Ken ModeSuccessBlessed
LuciferLucifer I Purple Pyramid
Shape of Despair Monotony FieldsWritten in My Scars
TempelOn the Steps of the TempleCarvings in the Door
Vattnet ViskarSettlerColony
Wisdom In ChainsThe God RhythmWhen We Were Young
MefiticWoes of Mortal Devotion LP/CDThe Tomb of Amaleq
Bolt Thrower...For VictoryWhen Glory Beckons
RazorEvil InvadersLegacy of Doom
AbyssHeretical AnatomyThrall of the Eldor Gods
CrowbarObedience thru SufferingObedience thru Suffering
MalhavocThe ReleaseCruciform
MinistryThe Land of Rape and HoneyStigmata
Rhapsody of FireFrom Chaos to EternityAd Infinitum + From Chaos to Eternity
SlayerReign in BloodRaining Blood
CarcassHeartworkBlind Bleeding the Blind
Dillinger Escape PlanIrony is a Dead SceneWhen Good Dogs Do Bad Things

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