Sunday, 14 June 2015

playing catch-up (chipping away at the playlist backlog)

Okay. I know. What the heck. Here are Kill Eat Exploit the Weak playlists for the rest of April and May. Finally.

April 8

White ZombieLa Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1Thunderkiss '65
Royal ThunderCrooked DoorsTime Machine
Astral WitchThis Heavy Wave
CastleUnder SiegeEvil Ways
NightwishEndless Forms Most BeautifulElan
DelainThe Human ContradictionHere Come the Vultures
Anathema Fine Days: 1999-2004Deep
Celtic FrostMorbid TalesProcreation of the Wicked
Minsk - The Crash & The DrawThe Crash & The DrawTo The Initiate
TestamentDark Roots of EarthNative Blood
VoivodWe Are Connected
OrdoxeMay Death be my ShepherdShards of Glass
Goat HornStorming the GatesTo The Cliff
NordheimWacken Metal Battle Canada CompilationGet Drunk or Die Tryin' (featuring Trollfest from Norway)
EtherHymns of FailureFailure
DélétèreLes Heures de la PesteLaudes - Credo II
TesseracTAltered StateOf Mind - Exile

April 22

GruesomeSavage LandClosed Casket
VoltangSurrealists are Always Correct
DrofnosuraIThe Sun, If Dying
Skull FistChasing the DreamChasing the Dream
Acid KingMiddle of Nowhere, Center of EverywhereComing Down From Outerspace
Forgotten TombHurt Yourself and The Ones You LoveKing of the Undesirables
Danny CavanaghMemory & MeaningWasted Years
ShiningIX: Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, EndsFramtidsutsikter
GodstopperChildren are our FutureYoung Queen
Hallows DieA Serpent in Judecca
VesperiaThe Swordsman
Astral WitchThis Heavy Wave
Vile CreatureA Steady Descent Into the Soil - 02 II- Motivated by GuiltII- Motivated by Guilt
TribulationThe Children Of The NightIn the Dreams of the Dead
AbyssHeretical AnatomyThe Atonement
Fragile ExistenceCataclysms And BeginningsUpon Serpents They Prey
The Red DaggersHouse of MysteryRed Velvette
Native ConstructQuiet WorldCome Hell or High Water
MetallicaAnd Justice for All...Harvester of Sorrow

April 29

Crimson ShadowsSails of DestinyFreedom and Salvation
Ending TyrannySin
Hey ClownElevator Rock EPDieppe
KamelotGhost OperaRule the World
Die MannequinNeon ZeroSucker Punch
SeagraveStabwoundHarvest in June
Misery IndexDiscordiaConquistadores
Bell WitchFour PhantomsJudgement, In Fire_ I - Garden (Of Blooming Ash)
MonolordVaenirNuclear Death
AgesThe Malefic MiasmaThe Malefic Miasma
DemonicalBlack Flesh Redemption EPCursed Liberation
ImplodeI Of EverythingSpeaker of the Deaf
UnleashedDawn of the NineThey Came to Die
HakenRestoration EPDarkest Light
A Secret RevealedThe BleaknessThe Veil
PaganlandFatherlandStellar Path
Goat HornStorming the GatesRe-animation
RevengeBlack Witchery / Revenge - Holocaustic Death March To Humanity's Doom Split EPHumanity Noosed / Equimanthorn

May 6

Sea WitchThe Blackened SeaThe Stormrider
Force CarrierOff On TimeMass Indoctrination
Okazaki FragmentsAbandonedThe Earth Aflame
Faith No MoreThe Real ThingZombie Eaters
DredEPCharlie Llello
The AgonistEye of ProvidenceDanse Macabre
PerhipheryJuggernaut AlphaHeavy Heart
In FlamesColonyEmbody The Invisible
Septic FleshThe Great MassThe Vampire from Nazareth
MoonspellExtinctThe Last of Us
VesperiaAn Olden TaleThe Swordsman
SatyriconLive at the OperaPhoenix
SighGravewardThe Tombfiller
KorpiklaaniNoitaJouni Jouni
HromLegends of Powerheart Part 1Citadel of Heroes
Satan's WrathDie EvilRaised on Sabbaths
HaarThe Wayward CeremonyAn Animus for Altered States
Fear FactoryDemanufactureSelf-Bias Resistor
Damian Murdoch TrioElectric TentaclesVisceral Circles of the Cosmos

May 20

EntrailsObliterationBeyond the Flesh
EnsiferumOne Man ArmyHeathen Horde
Tengger CavalryBlood Sacrifice ShamanThe Wolf Ritual
Native ConstructQuiet WorldCome Hell or High Water
Faith No MoreSol InvictusSuperhero
SoulstormFrom Euphoria to ParanoiaTurning Point
DredDred EPHumanoid Abduction Theory
SilversteinI Am Alive In Everything I TouchBuried at Sea
Tau CrossTau CrossFire in the Sky
XULExtinction NecromanceChaos Requiem
Hate EternalPhoenix Amongst the AshesThe Eternal Ruler
Shattered RemainsWacken Metal Battle Vol 2Unbreakable
Cancer BatsSearching for ZeroCursed with a Conscience
WeedeaterGoliathanClaw of the Sloth
ValkyrieShadowsMountain Stomp
Galley BeggarSilence & TearsEmpty Sky
DrudkhA Furrow Cut ShortEmbers
Secrets of the SkyPathwayAngel in Vines

May 27

Rush21122112 - The Temples of Syrinx
DioThe Very Beast of DioStrange Highways
AmorphisThe Beginning of TimesMy Enemy
SepulturaAriseAltered State
Last ScatteringEidolonGibGib
Farang12" EP 2014Woggle
OrdoxeDeath is my ShepherdShards of Glass
Vattnet ViskarSettlerImpact
NecrophagiaWhiteworm CathedralElder Things
The Reverend Horton HeatSmoke 'em If You Got 'EmPsychobilly Freakout
RiversideShrine of New Generation SlavesNew Generation Slave
ArcturusArcturianThe Arcturian Sign
Third Ion13-8BitZero Mass
Neck of the WoodsNeck of the WoodsI Know Where I'll Bury You
AshbringerVacantEthereal Aura, part II
Cold CellLowlifeLifestyle Lunacy
Osculum InfameThe Axis Of BloodSolemn Faith
DemonazMarch of the NorseA Son of the Sword
Take the ThronesingleArtificial Heart
KataklysmShadows & DustShadows & Dust
MUTANKHeavy Hand of the Doomsday Clock
NeurosisHonor Found in DecayAt The Well

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