Tuesday, 28 July 2015

KEEW playlists, the summer nomads edition (June 24 - July 22, 2015)

Midsummer in Reykjavik, Tuska in Helsinki and, for me, KISMIF in Porto... but none of that globe-trotting stopped Kill Eat Exploit the Weak this summer. Here are a month or so of playlists (and as usual, the most recent episodes are available via the programming schedule at cfmu.msumcmaster.ca.

June 24 - Tuska preview

DélétèreLes Heures de la PesteLaudes - Credo
HollowMordrakeA New Life
Into OblivionGleaming Thrones of Triumph
Allies to the AdversaryDeathbedBrickyard
Fall City FallVictusDissentipede
Steven WilsonThe Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)The Holy Drinker
CRIMSON SHADOWSKings Among MenHeroes Among Us
HALLOWS DIEWacken Metal Battle Vol 3 CompilationA Serpent in Judecca
ArabrotYou Bunch Of Idiots EPCelebration
DolentiaIniciacao EversivaVoragem
NahtrunarSymbolismusAuf Totenritt durch Innernächte
NévoaThe Absence Of VoidWind and Branches
Satanic RipperSouthern Black SpellsInsane Satanic Screams
Suicide WatchGlobal WarningThe Devil Rides Out
AbattoirVicious AttackAce of Spades
ABYSSALAntikatastaseisI am the Alpha and the Omega
Alice CooperLove It To DeathI'm Eighteen
OpethMy Arms, Your HearseWhen
AmorphisTales from the Thousand LakesBlack Winter Day
In FlamesThe Jester RaceMoonshield

July 1 - the Canada Day episode

GoatwhoreConstricting Rage of the MercilessBaring Teeth for Revolt
CathedralIn Memoriam Re-ReleaseEbony Tears
Dew-ScentedInterminationOde to Extinction
CrawlAnticipate the FallA Little Left to Kill
Unleash the ArchersTime Stands StillDreamcrusher
Blood CeremonyThe Eldritch DarkThe Magician
VoivodWe Are Connected
AnnihilatorSet the World on FireSet the World on Fire
GorgutsColored SandsColored Sands
GreberKiln Hardened PsalmsHarry Manx
StrikerCity of GoldAll for One
ThrawsunblatWanderer on the Continent of SaplingsView of a Million Trees
Vile CreatureA Steady Descent into the SoilA Steady Descent into the Soil
DemoncyEmpire of the Fallen AngelThe Obidian Age of Ice
DeathhammerEvil PowerOmen of the Beast
GlowsunBeyond the Wall of TimeEndless Caravan
ThornesbreedGTRDPerpetual Stigmata
BlasphemyFallen Angel of Doom... Weltering in Blood

July 8

SvärtaSepultusDet Sublima Lidandet
AbyssionLuonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekkiLuonnon harmonia
SovereignNailing Shut the Sacrosanct OrificeBared Teeth of the Fog
IncantationDiabolical ConquestShadows of the Ancient Empire
TurisasStand Up and FightThe March of the Varangian Guard
Devin TownsendTerriaMountain
Devin TownsendTerriaEarth Day
Devin TownsendTerriaDeep Peace
Devin TownsendTerriaCanada
Devin TownsendTerriaDown and Under
Devin TownsendTerriaThe Fluke
Devin TownsendTerriaNobody's Here
Edge of Sanity Crimson IIexcerpt

July 15

Between the Buried and MeComa EpilepticThe Coma Machine
Cradle of FilthHammer of the WitchesYours Immortally
Altars of GriefOf Ash and Dying LightIn Dying Light
Ghost BathMoonloverHappyhouse
Astral WitchThis Heavy Wave
MoonlyghtReturn to DesolationDwelling in Earth's Shadow
VesperiaThe Iron TempestsIron Saga
DragonforceIn The Line of FireThrough the Fire and Flames
MonarqueDéestanceLe Rite Du Misanthrope
The Northern Ontario Black Metal Preservation SocietyFuture Northern ProsperityNorthern October
PowerwolfBlessed and PossessedNightcrawler
The ChantNew HavenFalling Kind
Sea WitchThe Blackened SeaDark Vessel
ThantifaxathSacred White NoiseGasping in Darkness
AhabThe Divinity of OceansThe Divinity of Oceans
YobClearing the Path to AscendNothing to Win

July 22 - from Tuska to Heavy Montreal

VesperiaThe Iron Tempests EPIron Saga
VoltangSurrealists are always correct
Astral WitchThis Heavy Wave
DHIPressures CollidePain and Courage
Arch EnemyWar EternalTime is Black
Lamb of GodAshes of the WakeAshes of the Wake
ImmortalSons of Northern DarknessTyrants
InsomniumShadows of the Dying SunThe River
Omnium GatherumThe Redshift (reissue)Distant Light Highway
Shape of DespairMonotony FieldsThe Blank Journey
The AgonistPrisonersIdeomotor
AnonymusInto the Blizzard, Chapter IIInvisible Man
Devin TownsendOcean MachineThe Death of Music

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