Sunday, 13 July 2014

bands on tour, new(ish) music, and yes, oceanic metal on KEEW in July

Our post-Canada Day Kill Eat Exploit the Weak previewed the early summer Agalloch tour and looked back at some of the under-appreciated releases of 2014 so far (following some tips from Last Rites' The Best of What You Missed feature). We also sampled some of Hellbound's Canadian picks for this year (and other years ending in 4).

July 2

DrofnosuraIThe Sun, If Dying
Woods of YpresPursuit of the Sun, Allure of the EarthSun Was In My Eyes, Part Doom
UnexpectFables of the Sleepless EmpireOrange Vigilantes
AuguryFragmentary EvidenceBrimstone Landscapes
AgallochThe Serpent and the SphereVales Beyond Dimension
Jex ThothBlood Moon RiseThe Places You Walk
Eclipse EternalReign of the Unholy Blackened EmpireThe Eternal King From Below Doth Arise
ProngRuining LivesTurnover
LandskapISide A
ArchspireThe Lucid CollectiveKairos Chamber
CryptopsyOnce Was NotThe Frantic Pace of Dying
Skull FistChasing the DreamShred's Not Dead
Monster Voodoo MachineSuffersystemBastard Is As Bastard Does
VargaPrototypeFreeze Don't Move
Econoline CrushAfflictionAffliction
ThantifaxathSacred White NoiseWhere I End and the Hemlock Begins

July 9

In the midst of the previous week's show, the hot humid July weather inspired us to put together a cooling water-themed KEEW. It turned out to be way easier (and harder - in terms of narrowing the selections down) than we had imagined. The results are documented in the playlist below.
Devin TownsendOcean Machine: BiomechSeventh Wave
Mar de GrisesStreams InwardsSpectral Ocean
AhabThe GiantFathoms Deep Blue
ObscuraOmniviumOcean Gateways
The OceanAeolianOne With the Ocean
YobAtmaAdrift in the Ocean
Amon AmarthTwilight of the Thunder GodsEmbrace of the Endless Ocean
Crimson ShadowsSails of DestinyMoonlit Skies and Bloody Tides
ScythiaFor the BearSailor's Accolade
VesperiaVoyage from VinlandVoyage from Vinland
While Heaven WeptVast Oceans LachrymoseVast Oceans Lachrymose + Epilogue
Black WizardYoung WisdomDanger Dances
AnciientsHeart of OakThe Longest River
Star OneSpace MetalSongs of the Ocean
The AgonistPrisonersDead Ocean
ChtonicTakasago ArmyOceanquake

July 16

Expect to hear lots of new music from the past couple of weeks! Don't forget to tune in Wednesday at midnight (ET) or checkout the CFMU archives at

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