Saturday, 8 February 2014

KEEW playlists: January 29 and February 5, 2014 - new "global metal" feature

A few extra features to mention with these two recent Kill Eat Exploit the Weak playlists...

On January 29, we dedicated our simulated meat* segment to Toronto DIY label D-TRASH Records. D-TRASH's focus is heavy electronica (digital hardcore) but J Schizoid, who runs it, has some serious black metal cred (if you remember Dead of Winter, you know what I'm talking about). For a little contrast we threw in a Maple Metal Records set as well, checking out some of the Canadian albums they put out in 2013.

The following week, simulated meat* had a country vibe (alt country anyway) and, except for Divine Circles (which features Meghan Mulhearn from USX), only tangential metal connections. We also played a little Noam Chomsky-metal, but the big(gish) news for February 5 was the introduction of our new feature - spotlighting a metal artist from outside the regions most commonly associated with metal (like the UK, US, Scandinavia...). Our first global metal^ contenders happen to be from Mongolia, and we found them described as music fit for a modern Genghis Khan.

January 29

EnslavedBloodhemnI Lenker Til Ragnarok
CultedOblique To All PathsIlluminati
Selim Lemouchi & His EnemiesEarth Air Spirit Water FireNext Stop, Universe B.
Coma VoidStormKing TwilightShadow Beneath the Web
EwigkeitConspiritus Square Sunrise
SkyfireSpectralShivering Shade
The Lion's DaughterA Black SeaWolves
WarningWatching From a DistanceFootprints
Ayahuasca Plato's Dark HorseThe Silent Machine
HanselCrude MattersLeave Me in this Void*
DK DANCELa France qui tacheOne Eyed Jack*
HimikoDethnoizzEnd of Human Race*
FamineAnachronismsWhite Orchid*
Black Space RidersD:REIRising From the Ashes of Our World
High on FireDe Vermis MysteriisSpiritual Rites
TriptykonEparistera DaimonesA Thousand Lies
Your Last WishDesolationHastening Death
Eclipse ProphecyDays of JudgementThrough the Storm
ThalionDawn of ChaosAnother Day
Acid BathWhen the Kite String PopsTranquilized

February 5

BehemothThe SatanistBlow Your Trumpets Gabriel
ShrapnelThe Virus ConspiresTitan
Grand MagusTriumph and PowerThe Hammer Will Bite
IRNIRNAlways Die Slowly
Shooting GunsBrotherhood of the RamPredator II
ChronobotChronobotSet Phasers to DOOM!!
HawkwindSpace HawksMasters of the Universe
Within TemptationHydraParadise
Metal NoamAvramNo Right to Live
Divine CirclesOblivion SongsIngenue*
Chris IsaakAlways Got TonightLife Will Go On*
Cuff the DukeLife Stories for Minimum WageBlackheart*
Black SabbathParanoidElectric Funeral
Dark TranquilityConstructThe Science of Noise
Rivers of NihilThe Conscious Seed of LightRain Eater
Nine TreasuresArvan Ald Guulin HonshoorArvan Ald Guulin Honshoor^
Pomegranate TigerEntitiesMaxim
Mandroid EchostarCitadelEthereal Dawn
DeathpointSinisterBetween the Lines
Fragile ExistenceDeparting the DamnedThe Ritual of Blood and Consumption

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