Saturday, 15 February 2014

Skinny Puppy – great interview and tour dates reminder

Many many moons ago, a guy from my math class – a dude with long blond hair and a necklace with an eyeball-shaped charm – came to class talking about seeing Skinny Puppy in Hamilton. I don't remember the guy's name, but I do remember thinking that was cool and feeling a little jealous, even though I was only beginning to get a sense of what Skinny Puppy was about.

I'm still a little jealous – Skinny Puppy is performing in Toronto this week (Tuesday, February 18 at the Sound Academy) and I'm going to miss them again. But as a form of consolation,  I've gotten a lot of satisfaction out of watching this interview with Nivek Ogre (thanks to f-book friends for bringing it to my attention):

Watch the video, and if you get a chance, do yourself a favour and go see the show.

More info on Skinny Puppy tour dates is available here.

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