Thursday, 2 January 2014

KEEW 'best of 2013' edition (playlist for January 1, 2014)

For our first Kill Eat Exploit the Weak of the new year we decided to say goodbye to the old year. Our method? Running through our favourite records of 2013 - the metal we enjoyed most as well as a top Canadian metal mini-list and a few of our favourite not-quite-metal releases for a 'best of simulated meat' featurette.

This playlist represents our collective top 10 (there were lots of ties), our Canadian top 7, and three simulated meat* choices, with a fair bit of overlap between the lists.

Amon AmarthDeceiver of the GodsAs Loke FallsMetal Bladetied for #10
Man's GinRebellion HymnsVaricose*Profound Loretied for #10 overall, #3 simulated meat
VauraThe MissingThe MissingProfound Loretied for #9
Altar of PlaguesTeethed Glory and InjuryA Body ShroudedProfound Loretied for #9
GorgutsColored SandsForgotten ArrowsSeason of Mist#2 Canadian, tied for #8 overall
LeprousCoalFoeInside Outtied for #8
CarcassSurgical SteelA Congealed Clot of BloodNuclear Blasttied for #7
The Moth GathererA Bright Celestial LightA Road of Gravel and Skulls (track 3)Agoniatied for #7
Ghost B.C.InfestissumamJigolo Har MegiddoLoma Vista#6
Bruce Soord with Jonas RenkseWisdom of CrowdsFrozen North*K-Scope#2 simulated meat
AnathemaUniversalThe Beginning and the End*K-Scope#1 simulated meat
Ken ModeEntrenchCounter Culture ComplexSeason of Mist#7 Canadian
AyahuascaPlato's Dark HorseCan You Feel the New Food Chain?Independent#6 Canadian
ThrawsunblatWanderer on the Continent of SaplingOnce FireveinedIndependent#5 Canadian
Blood CeremonyThe Eldritch DarkThe Eldritch DarkRise Above#4 Canadian
VoivodTarget EarthCorps EtrangerCentury Media#3 Canadian
October TideTunnel of No LightCaught in SilencePulverised#5
Long Distance CallingThe Flood InsideTell the EndSuperball#4
WitherscapeThe InheritanceDead for a DayCentury Mediatied for #3
DeafheavenSunbatherDreamhouseDeathwishtied for #3
Audrey HorneYoungbloodRedemption BluesNapalm#2
SubRosaMore Constant than the GodsCosey MoProfound Loretied for #1
AnciientsHeart of OakFaith and OathSeason of Mist#1 Canadian, tied for #1 overall

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