Thursday, 9 January 2014

KEEW playlist: January 8, 2014 (embarking on a new year)

On Kill Eat Exploit the Weak we took the first night of the year to preview the best of the previous twelve months. This week we started looking at some of what's to come as well, including one of our simulated meat* tracks. General metal awesomeness continues...

Immortal BirdAkrasiaThe PseudoscientistClosed Casket
VesperiaThe Swordsman SingleThe SwordsmanIndependent
Legion of the DamnedRavenous PlagueDoom PriestNapalm
DissectionStorm of the Light's BaneWhere Dead Angels Lie
BesegraInfortuniumOpen ArmsTridoid
AcrassicaudaOnly the Dead See the End of the WarMessage from BaghdadVice
James LabrieImpermanent ResonanceAgonyInsideOut
CauchemarTenebrarioLe FantômeNuclear War Now!
ProbotProbotThe Emerald LawSouthern Lord
Red FangWhales and LeechesBlood Like CreamRelapse
Steven WilsonThe Raven That Refused to Sing (and other stories)The Pin Drop*Kscope
Doug PinnickThriller - A Metal Tribute to Michael JacksonRock with You*Cleopatra
ExhumedExhumed/Iron Reagan 12" splitGravewalkerTankcrimes
HaymakerHaymakerIt Only Gets WorseDeranged Records
Our Souls EvolveOriginsEvolveIndependent
Spastik InkInk CompatibleWords for NerdsEclecticElectric
Iron DogsFree and WildCannibal Death CultIron Bonehead
NigromanteBlack Magic NightBlack Magic NightShadow Kingdom
Run After ToRun After To/Gjinn and DjinnMelancholyShadow Kingdom
Devin TownsendOfficial BootlegBad DevilHevy Devy
CodeAugur NoxEcdysisAgonia
Cult of Fire"Ascetic Meditation of Death"On the Funeral Pyre of ExistenceIron Bonehead
Suffering in SolitudeA Place ApartPlaced ApartDomestic Genocide
WinterfyllethThe Ghost Of HeritageForging The Iron Of EnglandProfound Lore

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