Wednesday, 9 October 2013

KEEW playlist for October 2 & 9, 2013

After squeezing a science fiction conference, a metal festival/conference/expo plus two (at least? so far?) extra concerts into my already pretty intense fall schedule, that hasn't left a lot of time for putting together Kill Eat Exploit the Weak. It also hasn't helped that Heavy Metal Adam has been flying all over North America, making appearances at north-western Quebec's Emerging Music Festival, the Battle of San Bernardino, plus Music for the Masses in Thunder Bay (specifically a live performance by Forever Dead). Which is to say that we're sorry to be running a repeat KEEW again this week.

No special themes in the most recent edition - just a mix of new and/or excellent music and a taster of bands playing live around the Toronto/Hamilton area. And just one simulated meat* track! Tune in again next week for our post-Thanksgiving/we're stuffed liked turkeys/tofurkys episode.

TesseracTOneDeception - Concealing Fate Part TwoCentury Media
Dream Theater Dream TheaterThe Enemy InsideRoadrunner
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys, Pt 1Twilight of the GodsNoise
Twilight of the GodsFire on the MountainFire on the MountainSeason of Mist
Atlantean KodexThe White Goddess (A Grammar Of Poetic Myth) Enthroned in Clouds and Fire20 Buck Spin
Bölzer AuraEntranced by the WolfshookIron Bonehead
SarkeAruagint UglyIndie Recordings
Blasphemy RebornCanuck Metal Vol. 3The RebirthHeavy Metal Music Association of Canada
VargaEnter the MetalGameraIndependent
Iron ManSouth of the EarthHail to the HazeMetal Blade Records / Rise Above Records
SubRosaMore Constant than the GodsCosy MoProfound Lore
HawkwindOnward*The Hills Have EarsFour Worlds Media
UnbeingUnbeingMercuryBLK COQ Music/Believe Digital
LaluAtomic ArkWar on AnimalsSensory Records
Ashes of AresAshes of AresThe MessengerNuclear Blast
A Scar for the WickedCanuck Metal Vol. 3We Shall PrevailHeavy Metal Music Association of Canada
HypocrisyEnd of Disclosure44 Double ZeroNuclear Blast
Dark TranquillityConstructThe Science of NoiseCentury Media

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