Wednesday, 16 October 2013

KEEW playlist October 16, 2013

Tonight's Kill Eat Exploit the Weak is a mish-mash / hodge-podge of mostly new stuff we felt like playing - but an excellent mish-mash / hodge-podge at that, in a (Canadian and vegan-friendly) thanksgiving-y dinner kind of way.

Tune in to CFMU 93.3 FM to listen (midnight till 2am) or drop by later to download the podcast.

On a mostly unrelated note, Toronto After Dark Film Festival starts this week!

In SolitudeSisterDeath Knows WhereMetal Blade
Monster MagnetLast PatrolMindless OnesNapalm
MajalisCathodic BlackAltarPulverised
Agnes VeinSoulshipChaos CauldronVenerate Industries
New Keepers of the Water TowersCosmic ChildThe Great LevellerListenable
KEN modeVenerableThe Ugliest Happy You've Ever SeenProfound Lore
OblivionCalled to RiseMultiverseUnique Leader
TestamentDark Roots of ThrashNative BloodNuclear Blast
Into EternityBuried in OblivionEmbraced by DesolationCentury Media
UlverMesse I.X–VI.XShri Schneider*Kscope
Mammifer & CircleEnharmonic_Intervals_(for_Paschen_Organ)Parting of Bodies*SIGE
Mark DeutromBrief Sensuality and Western ViolenceSky Full of Witches*Independent
Death HawksDeath HawksGrim-Eyed Goat*Cargo
InsurrectionPrototypeTrois Minutes de CarnageGaly
Secrets of the SkyTo Sail Black WatersDeclineKolony
GhoulunaticsCanuck Metal Vol. 3King of the UndeadHMMAC
Ereb AltorFire Meets IcePost RagnarockMetal Blade
CancerbatsDead Set on LivingBreathing ArmageddonDistort
CleanteethPushing RopeBeardslyDullest Records

*simulated meat (the marginalia of metal)

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