Thursday, 26 September 2013

KEEW playlist for September 18 & 25 - NOCTIS edition! (+ Noctis coverage)

Our playlist for September 18 (re-aired on September 25) included our feature preview of Noctis 666: Lucifer Rex, which took place in Calgary, Alberta this past weekend.

Only 50% of the KEEW crew made it out west for the festival/conference/expo (Adam wasn't able to attend), but it was an amazing time nonetheless. If you're interested, check out my review(s) over at Exclaim:  And keep an eye out for some additional coverage at

In the meantime - check out some of these Noctis bands** in our most recent episode (you can download the podcast from CFMU). We saved this edition's simulated meat* for near the end of the show.

Bruce DickinsonThe Chemical WeddingThe TowerSanctuary
Dream TheaterOctavariumPanic AttackAtlantic
Devin TownsendOcean Machine RegulatorHevyDevy
SylvusThe Beating of Black WingsEmpty HavocIndependent
ShiningOne One OneWon't ForgetProsthetic
AnciientsHeart of OakThe Longest RiverSeason of Mist
Pagan Altar**Volume 1In the Wake of ArmadeusOracle
Exciter**Heavy Metal ManiacHeavy Metal ManiacShrapnel
Sacrifice**The Ones I CondemnHiroshimaSonic Unyon Metal
Candlemass**Psalms for the DeadThe Sound of Dying DemonsNapalm
Witch Mountain**Cauldron of the WildLanky RaeProfound Lore
Wilt**WiltAutumn VeilWar on Music
Carcass**Surgical SteelA Congealed Clot of BloodNuclear Blast
Gorguts**Colored SandsEmber's VoiceSeason of Mist
BloodbathUnblessing the PurityWeak AsideCentury Media
VàliSkogslandskap*Stein Og BarkProphecy
Pyhä KuolemaKevättuulisormi* Valkoinen nainenSvart/Pesanta Urfolk
The Sterling SistersHale LP/CD*Shallow BloodPesanta Urfolk
Mares of ThraceThe PilgrimageThe GallwaspSonic Unyon Metal

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