Thursday, 12 September 2013

KEEW playlist for September 11, 2013

KEEW took a break last week during McMaster's Welcome Week activities but we're back in full force. The format is familiar - new metal releases, bands playing in the area, plus some stuff we just happen to like. Simulated meat* drew on all three of these categories this week, with awesome results.

TurisasTurisas2013Into the FreeCentury Media
LaluAtomic ArkGreedSensory
ScytheSubterranean SteelLeather AggressorPrimitive Reaction
EvocationExcised and AnatomisedEnigmaCentury Media
Monster Voodoo MachineSuffersystemMotionlessGUN
MonsterworksEarthLate Heavy BombardmentCasket
GorgutsColored SandsAn Ocean of WisdomSeason of Mist
Bruce Soord with Jonas RenkseWisdom of CrowdsFrozen NorthKscope
KatatoniaDethroned and UncrownedThe Racing HeartKscope
AnathemaWeather SystemsThe Beginning and the EndKscope
AlcestLes Voyages De L'ÂmeLes Voyages De L'ÂmeProphecy
Blood CeremonyThe Eldritch DarkGoodbye GeminiRise Above
Vista ChinoPeaceDargona DragonaNapalm
LossDespondAn Ill Body Seats My Sinking SightProfound Lore
NhorWithin The Darkness Between The StarlightWithin The Darkness Between The StarlightProphecy
Vattnet ViskarSky SwallowerFog of ApathyCentury Media
The Ruins of BeverastBlood VaultsVIII OrdealVan
WatainThe WildhuntThey Rode OnCentury Media

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