Thursday, 22 August 2013

KEEW playlist for August 21, 2013 - and don't forget to check out the Southern Ontario Metal Fest in Hamilton this weekend!

This week's Kill Eat Exploit the Weak playlist, featuring our Southern Ontario Metal Fest (SOMF) Preview. The fest, which takes place inside and outside Club Absinthe in Hamilton, starts this Friday night at 7pm. Saturday and Sunday are all day/evening events, kicking off around noon.

Other cool stuff this weekend that I wish I could squeeze in (among other activities):

Aug 21 playlist

BorealisWorld of SilenceWorld of Silence
Threat SignalVigilanceEscape from RealityNuclear Blast
GradeHeadfirst Straight to HellBleeding Warm & Newly DeadVictory
Cancer Bats**Hail DestroyerHail DestroyerDistort
Chariots of the Gods**Tides of WarUnbound
Greber**Hometown HeroinBonebath
EphemerosAll Hail CorrosionStillborn WorkhouseSeventh Rule
Primitive ManScornRagsRelapse
ShakhtyorShakhtyorHandschuhmannMetal Blade
Leila Abdul-Rauf*Cold and CloudWill I Be Sane?Saadi Saati (SS-0°1)/Pesanta Urfolk
Sangre de Muerdago*Deixame Morrer no Bosque - Double LPHaunted GlowPesanta Urfolk
Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots*Munly & The Lee Lewis Harlots Double LPAmen CornerPesanta Urfolk
VolbeatRock the Rebel/Metal the DevilThe Human InstrumentMascot
Alice CooperLove It to DeathHallowed Be My NamedStraight, Warner Bros.
LeviticusThe Strongest Power (re-release)I Got PowerEktro
Dying Fetus**Reign SupremeFrom Womb to WasteRelapse
Obsek**Traumatic ExperimentThen, I Relapse
Take the Throne**Legacy EPLegacy
Fuck the Facts**Die MiserableLifelessRelapse
Men to Wolves**Men to Wolves EPNightmare
Eaten by Sharks**We're Gonna Need a Bigger BoatShark Tank
GhoulIntermediate Level Hard-CoreProud to be Creepsylvanian Tankcrimes
FacebreakerDedicated to the FleshCarving for BrainsMetal Blade
*simulated meat
** SOMF!!

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