Sunday, 18 August 2013

KEEW playlist for August 14, 2013 - next week: Southern Ontario Metal Fest preview!

This Wednesday we aired another Laura-only show with the usual format: new releases from the past couple of weeks, some bands playing in the area, and some simulated meat* - this time some Finnish performance/audio art from 1968.

Don't miss our August 21 show featuring a slew of bands lined up for this year's Southern Ontario Metal Fest, taking place in at Club Absinthe in Hamilton.

August 14

SacrificeThe Ones I CondemnGive Me JusticeSonic Unyon Metal
The SwordGods of the EarthUnder the BoughsKemando
AlexisonfireCrisisRough HandsDistort
eyeswithoutafacewargutsSwallowing Static (The Law Falls Silent)
DeadlockThe ArsonistThe Great PretenderNapalm
Last Chance To ReasonLevel 3The EscapistProsthetic
WitherscapeThe InheritanceAstrid FallsCentury Media
PowerwolfPreachers of the NightAmen & Attack (video track)Napalm
Sinister RealmWorld of EvilDark Angel of FateShadow Kingdom
AnvilAbsolutely No AlternativeHero By DeathMassacre
Fueled By FireTrapped In PerditionCatastropheNoiseart
Blinded By FaithChernobyl SurvivorDrastic MedicineGaly
ExhumedNecrocracyThe RottingRelapse
Dead In The DirtThe Blind HoleThe Pit of MeSouthern Lord
Claes Andersson, Kalevi Seilonen, Erkki Kurenniemi, Otto Donner*Sähkö-shokki-iltaTracks 1-6Ektro
Darsombra*GreenRoaming the PeripheryExile on Mainstream
OrbweaverStrange Transmissions from the Neuralnomicon EPCrystal PrismsPrimitive Violence
DeadIdiotsThe Carcass Is DryEolian
PanzerchristRegiment RagnarokImpactListenable
Chariots of the GodsTides of WarTides of War
The DefiledDaggersUnspokenNuclear Blast

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