Thursday, 29 August 2013

KEEW playlist for August 28, 2013 - including Spread the Metal Fest (Toronto) preview!

We (or I - no Heavy Metal Adam again this week) went neo-classical/neo-baroque for simulated meat,* tossed in a couple of older tracks in with the new, and sampled a half dozen bands that were scheduled to play Toronto's Spread the Metal festival in support of The fest details and schedule have been changed since, but the bands we aired were worth checking out anyway.

Check out the Spread the Metal event page for fest details and links to music by the acts lined up to play. You can also swing over to Bandcamp for a free compilation download of bands originally scheduled to perform.

August 28

Fleshgod ApocalypseLabyrinthElegyNuclear Blast
WatainThe Wild HuntAll That May BleedCentury Media
Eclipse EternalHeart of Gold - Woods of Ypres TributeCrossing the 45th Parallel
ExitusStatutum Est Hominibus MoriTears of DespairSvart
MerkstaveMerkstaveLament for Lost Gods Pt. 2Pesanta Urfolk
DiestoFor Water or BloodAdrift at SeaEolian Empire
BatillusConcrete SustainConcreteSeventh Rule
NeurosisHonor Found in DecayRaise the DawnNeurot
ClutchElephant RidersThe YetiColumbia
Camerata MediolanenseVertute, Honor, BellezzaO Mia StellaProphecy
LacrimosaElodiaAlleine zu zweitHall of Sermon
EpicaThe Classical ConspiracyStabat Mater DolorosaNuclear Blast
End Of GreenPainstreamChasing GhostsNapalm
Diamond PlatePulseDance with RealityCentury Media
Dayglo AbortionsCorporate WhoresWasted Not WorriesGod Records
The CatalystSTM Fest (Toronto Edition)When the Sun Shall RiseSpread the Metal
VesperiaVoyage from FinlandPints Held High
SuffocationPinnacle of BedlamEminent WrathNuclear Blast
Hallows DieSTM Fest (Toronto Edition)A Serpent in JudeccaSpread the Metal
The AgonistPrisonersPanophobiaCentury Media
Nothing Left for TomorrowSTM Fest (Toronto Edition)NightbreedSpread the Metal

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