Tuesday, 22 November 2011

free music: farsot's insects

The album isn't out until early next year, but you can hear the whole thing already:

Not familiar with Farsot? Maybe you are, but I wasn't, though I'm kind of digging their new record on first listen. They're German, vaguely black metal (assuming you have a flexible sense of what that might mean).

Insects (Lupus Lounge) is only their second full-length release, following two demos. They credit Kafka, among others, with some atmospheric and thematic inspiration, although I'm not sure I would have picked that out on my own.

Also of note - I haven't heard it, but they covered Katatonia's "I Break" on the December Songs tribute album (Northern Silence, 2006), or so the Encyclopaedia Metallum tells me.

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Anonymous said...

Insects is not bad, but I think their previous album "IIII" is fucking great, give it a listen if you haven't.