Thursday, 24 November 2011

cats and metal (like birds of a feather)

I know a lot of cat-loving metalheads, so I was pretty confident I'm not the only crazy cat freak in the metal world. (Apparently I would have understood this better had I been a more dedicated Decibel reader, since they published a feature on metalheads and cats in 2009.)

My contributions to cat rescue have been modest so far – sharing my house with cats, being nice to strays, donating and spreading the word when I can (in print and online), and volunteering for a short time at Burlington Humane Society. Compared to Nuclear Blast USA accountant, Tanja Schoor, I'm a complete amateur!

Nuclear Blast announced this week that Schoor has opened her own cat shelter in Virginia: Clover Cat Rescue. The mandate is to save cats from euthanasia and other sad fates, adopt them out to good homes, and to promote spaying and neutering to help reduce the numbers of uncared for and unwanted cats.

The main ways of helping are adoption and donation - check out their Facebook page for more info (website to come). Perhaps we'll see Clover Cat Rescue benefit shows or recordings in the future as well...

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laura said...

Decibel's follow-up blog post, with visual illustrations... The [Future] Cutest Kitties in Metal Live at Clover Cat Rescue