Monday, 14 November 2011

heavy metal window onto Occupy Oakland

Forbidden guitarist & songwriter Craig Locicero wandered into Occupy Oakland with a mic and a video camera on November 2. A link to the resulting YouTube video made its way into my email inbox today via Nuclear Blast.

I haven't had a chance to watch more than the first ten minutes (the clip I linked is more than 40 min long), but I'm interested so far. In between ultra-short heavy metal interludes, Locicero gives us a glimpse of Occupy Oakland, asks people about their experience and reasons for being there and what they hope to accomplish.

In the bit I've seen so far, Locicero seems to have a pro-action stance on the movement, suggesting that his interest is in the possibilities of the Occupy movement rather than in undermining or belittling this wide-scale attempt at political action. (I'm hoping that persists through the whole video...)

This is advertised as part of Locicero's Omega Wave program. Does that mean Forbidden's latest album is political too?

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