Wednesday, 1 June 2011

stronger than metal (I am not) and happy birthday, hellbound!

Monday evening I arrived home from Maryland Deathfest: four nights and two afternoons of live metal bombardment, sandwiched by two days of first class heavy metal roadtripping. It was an amazing time with awesome people. I, however, am now a lump of aching, viral-infested quasi-human flesh. Was it worth it? Of course! Will I again sit in a vehicle (admittedly, a comfy one) for sevenish hours each way and stand on concrete for four days - all in the name of metal? Don't doubt it! (that's assuming I survive the recovery process...)

My initial review of the four-day MDFest is already up at And stay tuned for Hellbound's MDF coverage of the performances, to which I will contribute, starting this Friday. For now, I'll just say that I was delighted to be provided with free water and to a selection of vegan/veg food to eat while I was there: veggie burgers, veggie penne, hummus and chips, fruit salad, all provided by the on-site food tent, plus veggie and fruit kebabs offered by the Hollywood Diner just outside the gates. I'd also like to throw some heavy metal horns of thanks to the hotel staff who greeted us warmly every time we made our way through the front doors, and to one man in particular, who made sure to say goodbye at the end of his shift and give us a cheery 'see you next year'.

We Hellbounders will have our say about the music, plus some live photography courtesy of Albert Mansour. But I know Kevin Stewart-Panko was engaged in some people-watching as well so I expect some amusing quips on more than just the bands. If you're looking for more insight into the festival experience, check out the four part MDF round up already in process at Toronto in Metal - as told by a chick. Alexx and her dude Kevin generously chauffeured me and Heavy Metal Adam to Baltimore, and I look forward to her entertaining commentary, photos, and links to live fest video clips.

And speaking of, we're two years old today! I'm thrilled to have been a part of things for the past two years and look forward to many many more. Celebrate with us on the site or, if you like, by tuning in to hear some of us hosting Hellbound's Summer Metal Meltdown on McMaster's CFMU this Saturday night at 10:30pm.

p.s. my review of the new epic My Dying Bride - Evinta, is also now up at

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