Friday, 3 June 2011

more post-MDF fun

Wooeee!'s MDF day 1 recap is up now. Check it out. (more to come)

Don't forget to read our 2nd birthday celebratory staff interviews while you're there, especially the one with Kieran, the oldest son of Hellbound overlord, Sean.

... and, in my last post, I totally forgot to mention my favourite Maryland Deathfest purchases!

I'm cheap, on a tight budget, and get totally overwhelmed when there's too much selection. With multiple vendors, official merch tents, and scores upon scores of clothes, patches, pins, cds, vinyl, and even cassettes, the shopping-oriented part of my poor brain had a minor short circuit at the fest. Despite that I came out with a souvenir MDF shirt, a couple Kylesa records I hadn't gotten around to picking up before, and - I am excited to add - a Cemetary shirt plus a double Morgion album from Relapse. After being soothed by Solinari earlier this morning I'm now peacefully dooming out to Among Majestic Ruin.

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