Saturday, 9 April 2011

april 9 is love a cat day

Here at the keew household I have declared April 9 annual Love A Cat day.

It's been one year since one of the awesomest cats ever, Xavier, passed away. Rather than being sad about it, I've decided to celebrate his memory by spreading and encouraging a little extra cat love. (though feel free to include in the affection any dogs or other critters you come across today as well)

Love A Cat day is also a good excuse to highlight some cats in particular need of love and some of the organizations making an effort to help them. (other recommendations welcome)

Close to home, the Burlington Humane Society is a no-kill shelter for cats and dogs. I happily volunteered there for a short time when I had the chance, and I can attest to the quality of care and attention the animals receive until they find humans to bond with and take them home. All the cats (and dogs) available for adoption are profiled on BHS's website, but you can also go and visit them in person during operating hours. Besides donating volunteer hours and cash, you can also help out BHS by shopping in or donating to either of their two volunteer-run second-hand stores.

A few years ago I worked in a Waterloo Pet Valu location where we regularly fostered cats and kittens who were looking for homes. The organization we partnered with is still in operation - a KW-based cat rescue and adoption group called Pet Patrol, though now they also have a website profiling all their adoptable felines. The cats that came into the store were always well cared for and I got a chance to visit Pet Patrol headquarters while profiling cat rescue groups for local alternative weekly Echo. Founding volunteer Jan rescued and adopted out numerous cats, providing clean and healthy accommodations for them in her own home or finding foster care with other caring volunteers.

While living in St. Catharines I also had a chance to get involved, in the tiniest of ways, with local organization Niagara Action for Animals. NAfA has a much broader animal protection mandate but their actions include adoption and spay-and-neuter programs for companion animals (as well as a monthly vegan potluck social). Checkout Petfinder for info on NAfA-connected adoption-ready animals.

Several years ago, through the yearly Vegetarian Food Fair in Toronto, I also discovered Toronto Cat Rescue, another volunteer-run, no-kill organization dedicated to finding homes for homeless cats. Like many similar groups, Toronto Cat Rescue features photos and descriptions on their website of cats who are up for adoption.

These are just a few of the groups in Southern Ontario that are involved in spreading a little cat love. I thank them for their hard work and encourage you to show them a little love and support too.


AKer said...

Yay for cat love in memory and celebration of X!!

laura said...

2 years and 2 days... still miss the little bugger like mad!