Tuesday, 12 April 2011

pentagram vs believer vs conflicted = pentagram for the win

I went to sleep with a rotten throat and woke up will a full-blown virus infestation, so I did not imagine today was set to be a particularly good day. Surprise, surprise! It's a little chilly, but sunny. And the email gods have delivered the new Primordial album to my inbox!

Plus I remembered that Pentagram's Last Rites comes out today, and I like it. (see my Pentagram review at exclaim.ca, but for more background info you might also check out Sean Palmerston's review of Last Rites at hellbound.ca).

I discovered Pentagram late – courtesy of Max the Axe, a metal-loving, radio-listening taxi driver in KW. The discovery, not the lateness, was Max's doing when he requested I play the band on Kill Eat Exploit the Weak. Having gotten a sense of my doomy tastes from regularly hearing the show he figured I ought to know the band, or if not, that I should. Wherever you are, Max, thanks for the recommendation!

I was also considering reviewing Believer's Transhuman this week, but I couldn't settle into the record. It, and Conflicted's Never Be Tamed were grating on my nerves, but I can't tell if it's entirely due to the music or if I'm just predisposed to be edgy right now. Either way, I was disappointed. I wasn't familiar with Conflicted before but they had seemed promising. Knowing Believer, though, I had high hopes for that one. And the concept is an immediate draw for me:
I like the opening track, "Lie Awake," but from there begins on in the complexity Maybe I'll let a few weeks go by, read the lyrics, and give it another try.

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