Thursday, 7 April 2011

which blue moon?

Sometimes I think I'll just give it all up and become a country singer.
(because I'm practical that way)

So last night I was listening to Patsy Cline for some inspiration, but found myself slightly less than inspired by her version of "Blue Moon of Kentucky." But I couldn't think which version I had in mind as 'the' authoritative recording, making her version fall short by comparison. Hence a little (youtube) research ensued.

The song has been recorded and performed by more artists than I care to hear. These are what I consider to be the three 'classic' recordings.

Bill Monroe wrote and released the song in '46/'47, so you might think I would let him lay claim to it. But his bluegrass invention (and re-iteration ) of "Blue Moon of Kentucky" isn't the one for me.

Patsy Cline's version isn't either. My problem with her recording isn't with her vocal performance but the 60s Nashville arrangement. The hip-shaking vibe and sax/vocal/guitar call & response, especially, fail to do the song's blue melancholy justice.

I think the Elvis Presley recording may win my vote. The reverb on his voice, the clickety percussion, the busy electric guitar, and especially the rockabilly groove...

Now I've got a hankering for a road trip.

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