Monday, 8 December 2008

metal scene loses one of its finest...

... and I lose a great friend.

Adrian Bromley - metal journalist, editor, publicist, and generally pretty incredible guy - passed away in his sleep yesterday. Most recently Adrian has been known as the co-editor of Unrestrained magazine and owner/publicist of Ixmati Media but for the past fifteen years and more he's been known as one of the metal scene's strongest supporters and most vibrant members.

Memorial notices for Adrian have been posted at and Eye as well as numerous other sites - a clear indication of how much an impact he has had on the (metal) world.

My first knowledge of Adrian was during his days as a writer for M.E.A.T. magazine (Metal Events Around Toronto, I think it stood for). I remember reading his work for some time and then finally seeing him as well - when a friend pointed him out (in his Monster Voodoo Machine shirt) at a Slayer show. I met the man about a year later, around the time he and Gino Filicetti were launching Chronicles of Chaos. They interviewed Burton C. Bell, I interviewed Dino Cazares, but before that the three of us chatted for some time, waiting for Fear Factory to ditch Much Music for us.

Before long Adrian and I were corresponding and talking on the phone and have stayed in touched ever since. Back in the early days of our friendship Adrian supported my band with reviews, an interview, cd sales. I wrote a little for him then and much for him later. We hung out at shows and the odd party and bought each other drinks. We took a road trip to Montreal (along with a few others) for Voivod's last CD release party. He played host and tour guide for me and a good friend in New York City. He worked as liasion between me and the bands I interviewed (and occasionally befriended). He introduced me to the delightful feline, Yosemite. And he's left an indelible impact on my life.

Adrian Bromley will be missed - by his family, his friends, his colleagues, his cat, and by me.

Intertia Entertainment will host an event in honour of Adrian at the Opera House in Toronto on January 17, 2009.

UPDATE: The Bromley family is accepting donations in memory of Adrian - all donations will go toward funeral arrangements and any remaining funds will be given to charity in Adrian's honour.

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