Tuesday, 16 December 2008

a concept album about the exploitation of animals

A few days before Adrian Bromley died, he sent me an email about one of the upcoming releases he was doing PR for through his company, Ixmati Media. I'd heard of the band, Deadlock, before, and knew there was a vegan connection in there somewhere. Reading through the song titles of the new record, Manifesto, it was pretty clear that the band's concerns about animals persist: "Martyr to Science," "Seal Slayer"...

I received the album in the mail today from LifeForce Records. I've only given it one listen, so the jury's still out as far as my assessment of the music goes (on first hearing it seems a little heavy on the melody side of the melody:aggression ratio) but I have to respect Deadlock's willingness to take an unequivocal ethical stance.

The description on the slip cover describes Manifesto as an album of "melancholy and dark undertones" but with a "positive outlook," despite its "conceptual storyline" about "mankind's gorging and exploitation of animals" - more positive, in fact, than Earth.Revolt (2005) or Wolves (2007). I'm actually still waiting to snag myself a copy of Wolves, which I found about through Herbivore magazine not too long after it came out... Apparently there's a lot of indie material before Earth.Revolt that I haven't heard either.

There's already a video for the track “The Brave / Agony Applause” up on YouTube - check it out, if you're so inclined - some interesting imagery, probably not what you'd expect.

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