Sunday, 23 November 2008

3 days of intellectualizing about metal...

... is actually far more relevant, interesting, and vital than my heading makes it sound.

Heavy Fundamentalisms: Music, Metal, Politics

It was delightful discussing metal with a roomful of people for whom metal is already a common denominator (so we didn't have to waste time explaining or defining the genre). And then to be discussing the complexities of the genre(s) without falling into debates over classification and taste. I would joyfully attend next year - if I had the funding. With the same caveat, I would also happily attend the conference on metal and gender scheduled to take place in Köln next year. (perhaps in a parallel dimension I am attending both)

Potentially in the works, in response to the spurring of Dr. N.W.R. Scott, a paper on ethics, animals, and extreme metal performance...

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