Sunday, 23 November 2008

heathen metal and minneapolis

Minneapolis. Of all the places I could travel to for a conference, why Minneapolis? Well, there was the panel on Animals and Imperialism I was part of. And the Lennard Davis key note. And some good and/or interesting papers delving into Victorian sensation fiction, cannibalism and post-apocalyptic narrative, science and science fiction... and Heathen Crusade.

Actually in St. Paul, and an (on average) half hour bus ride from my hotel, Heathen Crusade balanced my three 'intellectual' days with two metal-drenched nights. The first night's irreverant headbanging was offset somewhat by greasy onion rings, disappointing ale, some weak harmonies, and a missing drummer. Night two was more successful, gastronomically and musically. The companionship in both cases was delightfully charming.

Exclaim will have my more detailed review, but there's already a brief photo record in place.

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