Wednesday, 19 November 2008

veg dining in Austria (and a Minneapolis deli wrap)

Two weeks in Austria, and despite the central Europeans' meat-loving reputation, we meatless actually made out alright.

Our first night in Salzburg we happened upon the Restaurant Mundenhamer on Rainerstrasse, which had a strong traditional aura but also offered vegetable loaf and a mixed roast vegetable plate. The parsley potatoes were particularly tasty.

Semmeln (crusty bread rolls) were common breakfast fare, though I took more hearty bread (with a variety of seeds) and muesli when I could get it. Between the Billa markets and the Reformhaus we kept a decent stock of our own supplies as well.

Besides eating Austrian-style vegan at St Josef in Vienna, we also had a delicious and light pumpkin soup at Hollerei on Pfeilgasse, and numerous varieties of potatoes at Wienerwald.

We had less success in Linz - there are at least two vegetarian restaurants in the city, but we had bad timing and didn't find either one of them while it was open. We did, however, manage to order a veggie kebap without cheese and indulge in heisse Maroni.

Back in Salzburg we fared better again. The bean salad at the Augustinian beer hall could've been better, but the thai bean curry at Indigo was good and the vegan special at Spicy Spices was satisfying enough to lure us back there a second time. Indian and Southeast Asian were the dominant flavours of our last several days, extending to Sahib in Innsbruck and Saran in Salzburg's Altstadt. It was incredibly satisfying.

And if that wasn't enough, Austria also gave us a lovely soyaccino serving sidewalk cafe - Kröll in Innsbruck. I could use another right now...

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And as for Minneapolis... for some reason avocado and provolone are hot in the upper midwest. More to my taste was the deli wrap I had: avocado, hummus and sunflower seeds with romaine, tomato and maybe some other veggies I can't remember. Pretty good stuff.

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