Sunday, 1 March 2015

KEEW playlists: Feb 18 & 25, 2015 plus a reminder to SUPPORT campus radio

Support campus/community radio in Hamilton, 93.3FM
In this media-savvy age, you're all likely well aware that commercial broadcasters are, financially speaking, in the business of selling audience members to advertisers. If you're reading this blog, you likely also know that campus and community radio are not, which means that the programming of stations like CFMU 93.3FM doesn't depend on pleasing the largest (or lowest) common denominator.

I don't mention this to bash commercial radio. It has its place on the airwaves. But I do want to offer a reminder that campus-community radio offers the kinds of programming – and a diversity of programming – that you can't hear anywhere else.

Please tune in to CFMU (or whatever campus or community station serves your area), and consider showing your support. Spread the word, donate, become a Friend of CFMU, get involved... And let us and others know what you love about not-for-profit community and student broadcasting.

Tune in this Wednesday night for our special Raise Your Voice 2015 Kill Eat Exploit the Weak broadcast - our metal-edged contribution to CFMU's weeklong annual pledge drive festivities.

February 18/19

Sanguine GlacialisWacken Metal Battle Compilation Vol 3Into the Heart of Chaos
Shark Infested DaughtersWacken Metal Battle Compilation Vol 3Attack on the Trust
Endless ChaosWacken Metal Battle Compilation Vol 3Condemned to the Pit
VathekWacken Metal Battle Compilation Vol 3Syphilis Shotgun
Harmful EffectsWacken Metal Battle Compilation Vol 3Holocaust
Mad ParishWacken Metal Battle Compilation Vol 3A Stitch in Crime
RustedWacken Metal Battle Compilation Vol 3Rock Patrol
RequiomendWacken Metal Battle Compilation Vol 3Cure
PallbearerFear and FuryFear and Fury
RwakeXenoglossalgia: The Last Stage of AwarenessNagarachi
DwellVermin and AshesA Collapse Sublime
Dephosphorus/HaapojaCollaboration SplitAn Eerie Transmission (Dephosphorous)
EvestusTrash The WorldI Am Hate
F-NoiseTrash The WorldDigital Inc.
Publicist UKOriginal Demo RecordingsSlow Dancing To This Bitter Earth
Death KarmaThe History of Death & Burial Rituals Part IMadagascar - Famadihana
Primitive ManHome Is Where The Hatred Is EPBag Man
Barshasketh / Void RitualSplitHeaven's Gate (Void Ritual)
SARPANITUMBlessed Be My BrothersThy Sermon Lies Forever Tarnished
SumacThe DealThorn in the Lion's Paw

February 25/26

SovereignNailing Shut The Sacrosanct OrificeKnives Coated in Pitch of Terror
Astral BloodAstral Blood EPSecluded and Forbidden
SkogenVittra Re-ReleaseEld
HarrowFallow FieldsThrough the Grey
ArbitratorIndoctrination of SacrilegeFor That Which May Appease the Lions
Solanum / Epi-DemicPassages to LunacyWelcome to our Homemade Hell
Solium FatalisThe Undying SeasonAn Asylum for Pentinence
The AgonistEye of ProvidenceGates of Horn and Ivory
Brothers Of The Sonic ClothBrothers Of The Sonic ClothEmpires of Dust
Crypt SermonOut Of The GardenByzantium
BedemonChild of DarknessChild of Darkness
Below The SunEnvoyCries of Dying Stars
EnsiferumOne Man ArmyHeathen Horde
SolefaldWorld Metal Kosmopolis SudWorld Music with Black Edges
noCoreTrash The WorldGob Stomp

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