Thursday, 12 February 2015

KEEW playlist: Feb 11, 2015

On the latest edition of Kill Eat Exploit the Weak: a few tracks from this week's new releases, a sampling of Trash the World - D-Trash Records' latest compilation and 200th release, and a little heavy metal love as a nod to Valentine's Day...

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February 11/12

ExhumedGore Metal Redux: A NecrospectiveCasket Crusher
Adrenaline MobDearly Departed Devil Went Down to Georgia (Charlie Daniels Band cover)
Death Toll RisingInfection LegacyCrack Open a Cold One
SchizoidTrash The WorldTriskele
MardukFrontschweinRope of Regret
TaakeStridens HusStank
AhamkaraThe Embers of the Stars Midwinter's Hymn
The Dying ArtsThe Dying Arts EPBed Spins
Witch MountainMobile of AngelsPsycho Animundi
id. Sagittarius ASagittarius A
Wells ValleyMatter As RegentSacred Mountain
AtrocityWillenskraftLove is Dead
HIM666 Ways To LoveWicked Game
Strapping Yound LadAlienLove
SentencedThe Cold White LightYou Are The One
Poison BlackEscapexstacyLay Your Heart to Rest
Woods of YpresWoods 3: Deepest Roots and Darkest BluelsDistractions of Living Alone
The PhoeronTrash The WorldBabylon Has Fallen, Once Again
Hansel Trash The WorldLearn to Disbelieve 1984 mix

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