Friday, 28 November 2014

more KEEW playlists - through November 2014

It's chilly outside and the snow is falling... (well, not at this moment, but it was). Here's what we've been playing on Kill Eat Exploit the Weak in the recent frosty weeks.

October 29

KataklysmWaiting for the End to ComeDead and Buried
Dark BreakfastEndless RitualBlack Blood
DREDDRED EPHumanoid Abduction Theory
King DiamondFatal PortraitHalloween
Mercyful FateMelissaEvil
Blind GuardianBattalions of FearWizard's Crown
October 31 -The Fire Awaits YouSalem's Curse
White ZombieLa Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1Thunder Kiss '65
Marilyn MansonNighmare Before Christmas Soundtrack bonus discThis is Halloween
Type O NegativeWorld Coming DownAll Hallow's Eve
ProtokultMarzenaGreen Light (lament)
Mares of ThraceThe PilgrimageThe Perpetrator
Chuck BillyTribute to Michael JacksonThriller
EntombedLeft Hand PathLeft Hand Path
Acid WitchStonedTrick or Treat
BloodbathNightmares Made FleshEaten
DeceasedSupernatural AddictionThe Doll With The Hideous Spirit
DemontageThe Principal ExtinctionEntourage of Demons Dances
EmperorIn the Nightside EclipseInno a Satana
Blood CeremonyThe Eldritch DarkBallad of the Weird Sisters
HelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys Part IHalloween

November 5

Corrosion of ConformityBlindDance of the Dead
Men to WolvesEP 2013Nightmare
Eclipse ProphecyDays of JudgementA Dying World
LutharöNo Escape
At The GatesAt War With RealityThe Conspiracy of the Blind
Anaal NathrakhDesideratumUnleash
NecrophagiaWhiteWorm CathedralAngel Blake
DawnbringerNight of the HammerHands of Death
Devin TownsendZ2Universal Flame
Devin TownsendZ2Ziltoidian Empire
GreberKiln Hardened PsalmsDie Pietro
GreberKiln Hardened PsalmsThe Spice
Sleeping PulseUnder the Same SkyForeign Body
Die MannequinNeon ZeroPretty Persuasion
AtriarchAn Unending PathwayCollapse
Ancient VVisdomSacrificialHigher into the Black Flames
Beyond CreationEarthborn EvolutionElusive Reverence
ViathynCynosureThe Coachman
Accursed SpawnPutridBurned Into Sterility
CrawlAnticipate the FallRise
AnnihilationThe UndividedThe Great Cycle
Napalm DeathFear Emptiness DespairMore than Meets the Eye
SpidersShake ElectricBleeding Heart
Sister SinBlack LotusChaos Royale

November 19

Within The RuinsPhenomenaCalling Card
Last ScatteringEidolonObsceneificator
BlizaroStrange DoorwaysSlave of Chaos
DeathLeprosy (Reissue)Pull The Plug
BloodbathGrand Morbid FuneralLet The Stillborn Come To Be
SandwormThe Body - Split LP (w/Sandworm)Golden Path
CarcassSurgical Remission / Surplus Steel EPIntensive Batter Brooding
MutankWacken Metal Battle Canada Compiliation Vol 2Mutank
Laugh at the FakesDethrone The CrownDeath Awaits
Blind RaceCome and Get ItHypocrite
Idol of FearAll Sights Affixed, AblazeVanquish
Darkher The Kingdom FieldGhost Tears
Monster MagnetMilking the StarsMindless Ones '68
Ghost BrigadeIV: One With the Storm Aurora
The House of CapricornMorning Star Rise In Light of Lucifer
HakenRestoration EP Darkest Light
While Heaven WeptSuspended At AphelionIcarus and I
He Whose Ox Is GoredRumorsVoid Assault

November 26

King DiamondDreams of Horror The Family Ghost
ObituaryInked in BloodCenturies of Lies
FatalityPsychonautThoughts Collide
Devin Townsend ProjectZ2Silent Militia
Animals as LeadersThe Joy of MotionTooth and Claw
Bring Me The AuthorAct 1: Beginning to an EndCall to Arms 1: Beginning to an End
DredDred EPCharlie Llello
VölurDisirEs wächst aus seinem Grab
NorthumbriaBring Down The SkyThe Ocean Call Us Home
Ne ObliviscarisCitadel Pyrrhic
PrimordialWhere Greater Men Have FallenCome the Flood
Thomas GilesModern NoiseSiphon the Bad Blood
HIMRazorblade RomancePoison Girl
AvatariumAll I Want EPAll I Want
Project 86Knives To the Future Knives To The Future
Full Of Hell Full Of Hell & MerzbowThrum In The Deep
Cancer Bats + MenalonRATS
HimikoVictims of GreedGMO Piggy
FamiliarsFamiliarsFire in the Sky
MonobrowBig Sky, Black HorseThe Surveillance
SundecayBodies at the FrontierInto the Daybreak
OwlThe Last Walk EPThe Last Walk

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