Saturday, 25 October 2014

October playlists update and pre-Halloween show reminder

So it seems the only thing I post is playlists these days... I swear, it's just temporary. Plus I have a specific recipe from Vegan Pie in the Sky I would like to endorse before I forget. But in the meantime, here are some more Kill Eat Exploit the Weak Playlists.

Actually, before I get to them, I want to invite you all to join us next week for one of our favourite shows of the year – our Halloween special! This year, in addition to highlighting some of our own Halloween favourites, we're offering a few crowd-sourced selections. And by crowd, I mean, contributors to the Hamilton-based metal webzine Hellbound is putting together its own Halloween playlist again this year and this coming week we will be previewing some of the selections chosen by Hellbound's staffers as well as our own picks.

October 8

Hey ClownEPSide Arm
DesmireSleepless Waters (single)Sleepless Waters
Orange GoblinBack From The AbyssBloodzilla
LaikaLaikaEscalation of Terror
NecroholocaustHolocaustic Goat MetalSide 1 (excerpt)
Witch MountainMobile of AngelsCan't Settle
White EmpressRise of the EmpressA Prisoner Unleashed
Audrey HornePure HeavyWolf in my Heart
A Breach of SilenceThe Darkest RoadVultures
Castle FreakStill RottingSickening Corpses
Couch SlutMy Life as a WomanLittle Girl Things
WinterfyllethThe Divination of AntiquityThe Divination of Antiquity
Amon AmarthTwilight of the Thunder GodGuardians of Asgaard
CowardsShooting Blanks & PillsLast Card
VargaReturn of the MetalThree Section Staff
MortalsCursed to See the FutureView From a Tower
LutharoNo Escape
ProfanerSigns of NineSymbol of Supremacy
Mares of Thracedemo
Dead French Mathematicians

October 15

King DiamondAbigailThe Family Ghost
Jess and the Ancient OnesCastanedaCastaneda
CastleUnder SiegePowersigns
Immortal BirdAkrasiaThe Pseudoscientist
Old WitchCome Mourning ComeThis Land Has Been Cursed
YautjaSongs of DescentTar and Blindness
GreberKiln Hardened PsalmsFredericton
Cold Blue MountainOld BloodStrongest Will
Menace RuineVenus ArmataTorture of Fire
Ancient VVisdomSacrificialWorm Ridden Skull
My Brother The WindOnce There Was A Time When Time and Space Were OneOnce There Was A Time When Time and Space Were One
Shooting GunsWolfcop SoundtrackRailbender
SPECTRAL HAZEI.E.V.: Transmutated Nebula RemainsDescent Through the Intravoidal
Planning For Burial / Liar In WaitSplit 7"Paper Houses (Liar in Wait)
BaptistsBloodminesClosed Ports
OccultationSilence In The Ancestral HouseLaughter In The Halls Of Madness
Blut Aus NordMemoria Vetusta III: Saturnian PoetryTellus Mater
October 31Bury the HatchetTear Ya Down
RevocationDeathlessA Debt Owed to the Grave
Today Is the DayAnimal MotherSick of Your Mouth
Pig DestroyerMass & Volume EPVolume

October 22

CryptopsyBlasphemy Made FleshDefenestration
ProfanerSigns of NineWaylaid by Evil
LutharoNo Escape
Arch EnemyWar EternalYou Will Know My Name
KreatorPhantom AntichristFrom Flood Into Fire
StarkillThis is Our Battle This Is Our Day
HuntressStarbound BeastBlood Sisters
System of a DownToxicityToxicity
VargaEnter the MetalGamera
AxministerPleasure of my HateSatan's Spouse
WocconSolace in DecayGiving Up The Ghost
EyeswithoutafaceWargutsBeautiful and Cruel
Animal EthicsHuman RiotsLungs
PainPainOn Your Knees Again
Secret DiscoveryQuestion of TimeColour My Life
AtrocityWillenskraftLove Is Dead
Idol of FearAll Sights Affixed, AblazeAll Sights Affixed, Ablaze
Dark BreakfastA Swarm of Burning Crystals

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