Wednesday, 20 August 2014

KEEW playlist catch-up: July & August

Just adding a few recent(ish) Kill Eat Exploit the Weak playlists before tonight's show airs...

Don't forget you can tune in live (93.3FM or or you can listen to our four most recent shows after the fact – just click on the Programming tab on CFMU's website, then choose Kill Eat Exploit the Weak from the show schedule.

July 16

Judas PriestRedeemer of SoulsHalls of Valhalla
GoatwhoreConstricting Rage of the MercilessBaring Teeth for Revolt
OriginOmnipresentAll Things Dead
MonumentsThe AmanuensisOrigin of Escape
IslanderViolence & DestructionThe Sadness of Graves
MortalsCursed to See the FutureEpochryphal Gloom
Exordium MorsThe Apotheosis of DeathUnto Lightning Swords of Conquest
Lich KingBorn of the BombWe Came To Conquer
ProfanerSigns of NineWaylaid By Evil
DredDred EPHumanoid Abduction Theory
CastleUnder SiegeDistant Attack
Wolves in the Throne RoomCelestiteBridge of Leavesl
Vintersorg - (Napalm)NaturbålÖverallt och ingenstans
WolvhammerClawing into Black SunClawing into Black Sun
Novembers DoomBled WhiteJust Breathe
Dawn VallyWacken Metal Battle Canada comp vol 2Code Name Redeemer
NorilskJapetus EPNegatron
Funeral CircleFuneral CircleCorpus of Dark Sorcery

July 23

Cannibal CorpseA Skeletal DomainSadistic Embodiment
FallujahThe Flesh PrevailsCarved from Stone
EntrailsResurrected from the Grave (demo collection)Stormy Death
Last ScatteringEidolonGibGib
King of AsgardKargThe Trickster
OverkillI Hear BlackWorld of Hurt
Grave DiggerReturn of the ReaperGrave Desecrator
Nine Inch NailsHead Like A Hole (single)Head Like a Hole (Copper)
QueenA Day at the RacesWhite Man
Melt BananaFetchInfection Defective
NeurosisHonor Found In DecayBleeding the Pigs
TriptykonMelana ChasmataAltar of Deceit
GreberHometown HeroinCavedweller
EmpyriumThe Turn of the TidesThe Days Before the Fall
VargaReturn of the MetalThree Section Staff
Ill NinoTil Death, La FamiliaAre We So Innocent
Psychotic GardeningHymnosisRe-hybridized Strain
Will of the AncientsTo Our Glorious DeadShield of Stone

July 30

DarkthroneFOADCanadian Metal
Crimson ShadowsSails of DestinyMaiden's Call
Last ScatteringEidolonCompound Fiasco
Pomegranate TigerEntitiesMaxims
DeviceDeviceLost My Soul
DawnbringerInto the Lair of the Sun GodIV
Devin TownsendLegends of Metal - A Tribute to Judas PriestSinner
King DiamondAbigailArrival
AgallochFrom Which of This OakAs Embers Dress The Sky
UlverBergtattSoelen Gaaer Bag Aase Need
Bloody PandaSummonPusher
Blind GuardianA Night At the OperaAnd Then There Was Silence
AmorphisAm UniversumGoddess (Of the Sad Man)
Melissa Auf der MaurOut of Our MindsFather's Grave
MastodonFesitodonA Commotion
Goat HornVoyage to NowhereAlcoholic Faith
RammerCancerEat Your Guts
UsurperCryptobeastKill For Metal

August 6
technical difficulties, no show

August 13

Entombed A.D.Back To The FrontVulture and the Traitor
NachtmystiumThe World We Left BehindFireheart
EluveitieOriginsThe Call of the Mountains
Moonlight DesiresFrankie Goes to HamiltonHead Over Heels
AlestormSunset on the Golden AgeSurf Squid Warfare
BabymetalBabymetalGimme Chocolate
CynicKindly Bent to Free UsTrue Hallucination Speak
EpicaThe Quantum EnigmaOmen - The Ghoulish Malady
[IN MUTE]One In A MillionWaiting
GreycellRight Where It Belongs (NIN cover)
NecrodiosWalang Hanggang Delubyo
Into OblivonGleaming Thrones of Triumph
NuclearhammerSerpentine Hermetic LuciferMultidimensional Prism Of Black Hatred
Slender Loris (Hamilton)World TourJohn 5 has too many telecasters
DeathpointSinisterEntitled to Nothing
OddlandThe Treachery of SensesLines of Silver Blood
Big ElfInto the MaelstromEdge of Oblivion
Cold and DeceasedUnleash the Hordes from Hell

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