Tuesday, 5 November 2013

our KEEW Halloween picks 2013

What better time for us to be on the air than the hours when Devil's Night becomes Halloween morn? Our simulated meat* feature for this week went in a creepabilly direction but most of our other spooky selections were pure metal, including many  personal favourites. (We also got to be extra cheesy in the spirit of the holiday!) And though I consider Nightmare Before Christmas to be an Xmas film above all else, it was hard to resist dipping into at least one song off the soundtrack.

EntombedSOD Spring Sampler '95Night of the Vampire
Devin TownsendSynchestraVampira
Iced EarthHorror ShowFrankenstein
CauldronChained to the NightWitch Trail
Howling SynForebearers of DuskThe Witches of Avalon
Judas Priest PainkillerNight Crawler
Iron MaidenFear of the DarkFear of the Dark
CemetaryGodless BeautyNow She Walks the Shadows
Hooded MenaceNever Cross the DeadHouse of Hammer
I Hate SallySickness of the AgesClean up the Blood
GhoulManiaxeGhoul Hunter
Forever Dead!Forever Dead!Full Moon at Midnight*
Vampire HorsesTransylvania Crypt KickerMurder Cycle*
CreepshowSell Your SoulCreatures of the Night*
The Band from Planet XWigs for SaleWerewolf Shadow*
The MisfitsMisfits Box SetHalloween*
Black SabbathBlack SabbathBlack Sabbath
NecrophagiaHarvest Ritual Vol. 1Harvest Ritual
SighHail Horror HailHail Horror Hail
Type O NegativeWorld Coming DownAll Hallow's Eve
Blind GuardianBattalions of FearWizard's Crown
King DiamondFatal PortraitHalloween
Marilyn MansonThe Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrackThis is Halloween

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