Thursday, 24 October 2013

KEEW playlist October 23, 2013

Next Wednesday night (aka Thursday morning) at the witching hour we're excited to be presenting our first Devil's Night / Halloween special on CFMU!

In the meantime, here's the run down of what we played on Kill Eat Exploit the Weak last night. A relative wealth of Finnish music this time around... and an extra step away from conventional metal - or conventional songs, for that matter - with this week's simulated meat*.

Oranssi PazuzuVelonieluTyhjä TempelliSvart
Orange GoblinA Eulogy for the DamnedRed Tide RisingCandlelight
WithemThe Point of YouPhrenesisSensory
SeremoniaIhminen ItsemurhaajaSvart
Metal on IceMetal on IceHey OperatorCoalition Music
SchizoidThe Next ExtremeThe Next ExtremeDTrash
Melt BananaCellscapeShield for your eyes a Beast in the well on your handA-Zap Records
VoivodTarget EarthKluskap O'KomCentury Media
AwayCitiesEurope 2011*Utech
PaavoharjuJoko sinä tulet tänne alas tai minä nousen sinnePatsaatkin kuolevat*Svart
Stephen O'MalleyAn Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music Vol 6Dolmens & Lighthouses*Sub Rosa
The Night WatchThe Night WatchIn the BeginningIndependent
IhsahnDas Seelenbrechen NaClCandlelight
My Dying BrideThe Manuscript EPA Pale Shroud of LongingPeaceville
Death Toll RisingInfection LegacyScorched Earth PolicyIndependent
BeehooverThe Devil And His FootmenMonolithExile On Mainstream
The Moth GathererA Bright Celestial LightA Road Of Gravel And SkullsAgonia
The Atlas MothAn Ache for the Distance3 Holes in the DesertProfound Lore
NevermoreThis Godless EndeavorMedicated NationCentury Media

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