Thursday, 29 December 2011

a concert year in review of sorts (including Devin Townsend Project live x2)

2011 wasn't the busiest of concert years for me... Does that mean I was working harder than usual, or budgeting myself for key events? Hard to say. Maybe the latter, since I was thinking of running down some highlights from this list of live shows but couldn't decide what to leave out. Then again, there were also lots of killer performances I missed...

My own schedule and concert choices aside, it's pretty sweet when too much quality live metal becomes a serious dilemma. And to mark that sweetness, here's a retrospective and chronological look at what 2011 in live metal looked like for me.

I took a break from live music in January but got back at it in February with some serious Finnish metal representation.

Only one event for March and April but it was one hell of a memorable show:

Something a little lighter and punkabillier in mid-May:

  • The Creepshow @ The Casbah, Hamilton, May 14

And then a mega-metal-event to end off the month:

On a smaller scale in Montreal, some intimate indie metal:

  • Unborn Dead, Forsaken Flesh @ Pub La place Dupuis, Montreal, June 18

Then some metal and poetry:

A delicious dose of summer doom:

  • YOB / Dark Castle / Sons of Otis @ Courthouse, Toronto ON July 15

And Toronto's idea of heavy metal festing:

Some heavy sounds in my hometown:

  • Mares of Thrace, Enabler @ Casbah, Hamilton, August 13
  • Secret Chiefs 3 @ Casbah, Hamilton, August 31

And a road trip!:

With headliners ranking high on my list of best live metal bands:

  • Enslaved, Alcest, Junius @ Opera House, Toronto, Sept 30

Two of my favourites (after a vegan dinner at The Cornerstone):

And what more fitting conclusion to a year's live music adventures than watching the Devin Townsend Project perform two nights in a row?

  • Devin Townsend, Today I Caught the Plague @ The Opera House, Toronto, Dec 10
  • Devin Townsend, Today I Caught the Plague, MDM (& American Hell) @ L3, St Catharines, Dec 11
(Note, as pictured, the latest additions to my Hevy Devy merch collection: a DTP wooden puzzle, and a tour shirt featuring a live photo by the one and only Adam Wills.)

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